#MirthMusicMon – Grumpy Cat and Sukiyaki

14 Jul

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day… to not sneak up on you!

It’s Mirth and Music Monday, everybody. Time for some giggles and tunes. 🙂


This first one is a video where kids watch a clip of Grumpy Cat and give their thoughts.


Some days I do actually tell my husband that I’ll be getting a shovel and digging a hole in the back yard and he can join me when he’s taken care of a certain “problem”. Since we have very clay heavy soil around here he usually tells me to have fun with that and that he’s not going to finish the hole for me. haha!


While having nothing to do with a grumpy cat or children I decided to pop in one of my all time favorite oldies.


Growing up I thought it was amazing that an American could get that accent so right. Uh-huh. It was only a few weeks ago that I found out that it was sung by a man from Japan. And also that it sat at #1 on America’s charts for two straight weeks in 1963 (I think). Pretty cool. 🙂


If you would like to see who else is playing along this week go ahead and click HERE to be taken to the linky where you can choose the next blog.

This is also the same place where you would input your link if you would like to add your contribution to Mirth and Music Monday. It’s really very easy.

*            *           *

I do have to say that I owe a lot of people apologies for the last couple weeks. I have not been as attentive and on top of things as I should be. I have flaked out on a couple responsibilities and I am truly sorry for the confusion and aggravation that has been inflicted on Emily Witt and ReGi McClain and on you my readers.

This has been a rough couple months on me in many ways, but that should not have interfered with the one day of the week I have steady obligations here.

*           *            *

One exciting thing in the middle of all this misery… or rather the cause of it is something someone who is scheduled to make their first ever appearance some time in mid to late January.

In case that is too vague — I’m pregnant!

Thirteen weeks along and to be honest I am hating nearly every moment of it. Between the nausea, vomiting, food and smell aversions, guarding against the return of oral thrush and a couple other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms I don’t really have mental space to sit around and daydream about how lovely it is to be a mommy in the making. Nope, just over 3 months along and I’m already yelling at the kid “Would you finish growing and get out already?!”

They say every pregnancy is different, but I have to say that if the next one is as miserable as this I really hope we can afford to just hook me up to an iv bag and knock me out for the first half of it.

The sad thing is that I’m not even kidding.



Have a Great week!






2 Responses to “#MirthMusicMon – Grumpy Cat and Sukiyaki”

  1. Emily Witt July 14, 2014 at 4:41 am #

    Lol, I love the girl in green with the long pigtails! Though I’m surprised that so many of them didn’t recognise Grumpy Cat. I have never actually watched any Grumpy Cat footage before, that bit where she yawned was just the cutest.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy news, even if you are having a rough time of it!


    • rosedandrea July 20, 2014 at 11:57 pm #

      Thanks, Emily! 🙂 I was doing a lot better until I forgot my B6 mega-dose for a couple days. Oops.

      The girl with the pigtails is adorable.
      You’re not alone, I also hadn’t watched any footage of the cat until I came across that video.


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