#MirthMusicMon – Disco!

15 Sep

I woke up this morning with The Hustle playing in my head.

I’ve always (for some strange reason) wanted to learn the moves to that song. Perhaps one day I will manage to sufficiently bribe my husband into teaching me. 🙂

This song led me to thinking about a few 70s themed videos I could use for today’s Mirth and Music Monday post. As it turns out I actually managed to find the two videos that came the most strongly to mind.



Today’s first offering is quite short, but makes me chuckle every time:



Secondly we have a clip from That 70’s Show that immediately came to mind when I thought of doing a disco themed post. I apologize for the one swear word.



That’s it for today, folks.

For more Mirth and Music Monday head on over to Emily Witt’s blog. 🙂





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