#MirthMusicMon – I Have a Cold

3 Nov

Sore throat? Check

Stuffy nose? Check

Foggy head? Check

Feeling run down? Check

Yup, it’s a cold. Tis the season, I guess.

But, that just means I have a different subject for Mirth and Music Monday. 😀

(I was thinking of going with another idea, but just couldn’t find a song to go with it. Yet.)


For our first selection we have an amusing little number from Sesame Street:



Then, just in case that didn’t give you a chuckle, let’s try this one:



There you have it, folks, Mirth and Music Monday. 🙂

Click over to the link HERE to see if anyone else is playing along this week.

That’s also the same place you can input your own post if you wish to join in the MMM fun. All that is required is something funny and something musical and your post qualifies to be added to the list.

Don’t be shy. We don’t bite… often. 😉


Have a Great week!




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