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Be Evil: Why Writers Should be Cruel Gods

10 Jan

As this pregnancy gets closer to its conclusions I find myself thinking about my plot outline for I Killed Them, Mama. This post has set my mind to wondering how I could make it even More suspenseful. (cue evil laugh 🙂 )

Drew Chial

My best Dr. Strange Pose My best Dr. Strange Pose

Writing for the web, I find it difficult to return to long form storytelling. Maintaining an online presence, my short stories always feel more relevant to hot button issues of the day. Working on a novel, I don’t have the instant gratification of ‘Likes’ and comments.

In his book On Writing, Stephen King recommends churning out a draft in three months. He says, if you wait any longer you’ll lose momentum. For writer’s trying to woo an audience on social media, this time frame is tough to maintain. Blog entries and short stories are speed bumps on our novel’s journey.

Returning to my work in progress, I’m often stumped. The characters aren’t as fresh in my mind. I know where the story is supposed to go, but the direction doesn’t seem as interesting. There’s a writer’s blockade around my inspiration. King’s curse comes true.

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