#MirthMusicMon – Is Monday Really That Bad?

12 Jan

I think, to a certain extent, that Monday gets something of a bad rap.

I mean, not everyone has a Monday through Friday schedule. A lot of businesses are even closed on Mondays (i.e. some Chinese restaurants, salons, spas). Many people suffer through Tuesdays the same way others endure Mondays.

Then there are those poor people on flex shift; never sure if they’re coming or going. :/

But, since you have to choose a day to villain-ize, this is called Mirth and Music Monday.

However, if you hate Wednesdays feel free to continue doing so. You never know, it may catch on. 😉


This first video is sooo appropriate when you think of all the snow America (sorry everyone else) has received these last couple months.


Poor guy. But just think how happy he must have made one of his neighbors! (*shakes head* Poor Rose. Always reaching for that silver lining.)


If you love animals, you might enjoy this comparison of Friday versus Monday:


lol  I just realized that the critters in this video are surrounded by snow, too. Looky there. A theme.


Click HERE if you would like to see other Mirth and Music Monday posts, or if you wish to join in the Monday party. 🙂


**Sorry this post is so late. I came down with a brain eating cold last night. Any prayers and positive vibes would be very welcome, especially since next Sunday is my due date. Birth will be hard enough without struggling through a cough, too.**





One Response to “#MirthMusicMon – Is Monday Really That Bad?”

  1. Emily Witt January 13, 2015 at 3:12 am #

    I guessed the punchline of the first video before it happened but it was still amusing seeing how they did it.

    Baha, who doesn’t love a happy penguin? Have to admit, that the second video is pretty true for me. Though by Monday morning I’m usually feeling okay, it’s Sunday night when I’m getting into bed and think “Where did that weekend go?” that I feel sad

    Hope you feel better soon, and that bub arrives safe and sound next week.

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