#YourTurnChallenge – #Day2 – Failing Forward

21 Jan

Yes, you read the title correctly. Failing forward.

I have come again to a point in my life when I am hampered by a massive fear of failure, which is also wrapped up in a shiny package of fear of success, all tied together, neat and pretty, with the bow of self-disappointment.

See, if I succeed then fail there will be a much larger audience to witness my mistake.

However, if I never try how can I ever win the ultimate prize of financial independence?

Step right up, folks! You won’t want to miss the prize fight of the season! Avoidance of imaginary future pain versus fact and logic.

Yup. Makes lots of sense. But, there it is.

How do I create forward momentum?

I think the only thing to do is to simply allow myself small attempts. Perhaps with several small successes I can work up the courage to seriously implement larger goals; build up my writer/entrepreneur self-confidence. It’s worth a try, right?


And wouldn’t you know it, I have already started. Clever me. I have published 3 short stories on a website called Quarter Reads. I don’t think I’ve made any money yet, but at least they were accepted and are up and ready. There are a few more in my Word files waiting for submission. It’s just taking me a while to get them over there.


Why else? Fear of failure.

You see, part of me expected to make a couple bucks right off the bat after the first story posted.

Now that I have had a few up for a little while that part of me is crowing that this ‘experiment’ was a failure.

The question I should be asking myself is, Why am I listening to my inner critic (who can be a real bully some days)?

Quarter Reads only went live in October. It’s not like they’re huge. It’s not like I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in advertising. In fact, perhaps this lack of self-confidence has led me to not market enough, so that this whole situation becomes a messy self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m just digging deeper and deeper, aren’t I?

“It’s all so complicated!” She wailed dramatically.

The thing is, though, that I haven’t failed at all. How can you fail if you haven’t really tried yet?

I have a book of poetry on Amazon. I have 3 stories up on Quarter Reads. I have countless unfinished ideas, stories and books sitting on my computer… waiting. How can I fail if I haven’t given it a real go? How can you lose a race when you’re still on the starting block?

Failure is part of learning, growing. How many times did you skin your knee learning to ride a bike? How many times did you bruise your butt learning to ice skate?

Failure means you’re active; you’ve given it a shot.

So, back to Failing Forward. This is my thought: I will try.

More stories on Quarter Reads.

Complete an anthology and publish it on Amazon.

Actually market my products.



Besides, nobody’s perfect.





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