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#YourTurnChallenge – #Day5 – Sand and Kitty Litter

23 Jan

It has been a few years now since I needed this mixture. In fact I don’t think we even have any in the car right now. Not a good thing now that I come to think of it, since it saved my butt more than once.

You’re probably confused, huh?

My father has a habit of putting baggies of sand and kitty litter in his cars. It’s just right for sprinkling around tires that have lost traction on icy roads or drive-ways and become stuck.

My most vivid recollection of using this mixture was one afternoon on my way home when someone several cars ahead decided to turn off the highway. Not a problem. Except that someone ahead of me must not have been paying very close attention and the entire lane of traffic came to a sudden halt.

Everyone in front of me had the benefit of a sanded corner. I was just far back enough that instead of sand I was trying to stop on a sheet of compacted snow. It was either try and steer onto the edge of the road or hit the minivan in front of me.

Yup, snowbank it was.

That’s when the cool stuff happened. Even though my car was out of the way the 3 cars behind me parked where they were and the people got out and helped me get unstuck. With the mixture from my father, and 4 people pushing, my adorable clunker was back on the road in no time.


I have to give my mom a thank you for inspiring this post. You see, I had been stuck on what to write about getting unstuck when she mentioned that dad had once again used this trick to get a vehicle back into motion. You never know when or how inspiration will hit. (Duck!)

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, someone who loves you will spoon feed it to you.