MMM… The MozART Group

2 Mar

Sorry for the reblog, folks, I’m pinned in a rocking chair taking care of my baby girl. I will be very glad when we all get back home and I can do things on my own schedule. Hospital procedure, while necessary, can get in the way of things.
If I recall correctly, I had an inkling that I might have been pregnant when I wrote this post, and tested positive the following Monday. 🙂 The happy calm before the storm. lol

Rose's Road

That was… an odd week. And this new week will be stranger still. I have so many places to be, people to help, and things that need doing. Next weekend is going to be very full and busy and at the same time probably a little on the slow and empty side.

Yes, at times life becomes one big oxymoron.

Lots of hurry up and wait, if you know what I mean.

Oh, well. You get used to it.

Or you end up in a mental institution talking to your jelly toast.

Either way… eh…

Where was I going with that?


This one is from a group I found a while ago. They’re called the MozART Group. They do classical music with not so much a twist as a spiral.


For more Mirth and Music Monday you can go to The Linky or search for #MirthMusicMon on Twitter.

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