#MirthMusicMon – Sibling Rivalry: Disney Style

1 Jun

I think Aristocats is one of the more realistic movies Disney made when it comes to sibling interaction. Although, in my experience it was more likely to turn into an all out brawl rather than a tattling session. lol

So for today’s Mirth and Music Monday I bring you one of my favorite scenes from this film (although they clipped out the painting part).


“You’re not a lady.”

“You’re nothin’ but a sister!”

and then of course,

“Ladies do not start fights. But they can finish them!”



That’s it for me folks.

Click HERE to see who else is playing this week. That’s also where you’ll go if you wish to join the fun and add your own Mirth and Music Monday post.

But first, tell me, if you’ve seen Aristocats, what’s your favorite part? Where the dogs chase down the butler? When they sing Everybody Wants to be a Cat? How about the part where the mouse is following the cats back to the house to the rescue?

Do you have a different Disney movie that makes you chuckle?




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