#MirthMusicMon – Your Post Baby Groove

18 Apr

For this Mirth and Music Monday I found something that struck a chord and gave me a chuckle.

How much of this baby-tastic house do you recognize (or remember being) in your own house? lol


It’s a difficult thing at times to find your inner sexiness after you’ve been mauled by a baby for a year. But, find it we should. You don’t always have to flaunt it, but you need to know it’s still there.

Here’s to our post baby bodies. 😀

And the hope that one of these days I’ll work up the guts to leave my toddling nursling at someone’s house and have dinner out with just my husband.

We’ll see how soon that actually happens. She’s showing symptoms of another cold. (groan)


And just for good measure, here’s a father showing his kid he’s still got it:



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4 Responses to “#MirthMusicMon – Your Post Baby Groove”

  1. ReGi McClain April 20, 2016 at 7:01 pm #

    Ah. I know the feeling of trying to find the pre-baby body, but there came a point when I had to accept it was never, ever coming back. And boy do I hate bra-shopping. 😛 (To be fair, I always have.) Nevertheless, I own a corset and some slinky heels. 😉 😀

    And Goofy movie disco is always fun. 🙂

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    • rosedandrea April 23, 2016 at 10:03 pm #

      I finally pulled out one of my two remaining pairs of heels the other day. It about killed me a few times during that outing, but Kathleen keeps bringing them back over to me insisting that I put them back on. She had me repeatedly change shoes between my moccasins, flip-flops, and heels. She’s a shoe addict already. She actually tried to stall a lady in our regular coffee shop so she could look her shoes over more closely. lol (They were pretty interesting, too.)
      When it comes to bras, I’m still nursing, so mostly it’s still the nursing bras, but I think my bustiers are going to make an appearance soon. It’s getting warm again, and sun dresses are calling my name. 😀

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      • ReGi McClain April 23, 2016 at 10:42 pm #

        LOL Awwww. What is it with so many girls and shoes, anyway? I truly don’t understand. I’m a barefoot kind of gal myself. But I gotta say: It’s adorable Kathleen loves them already. 🙂

        Ah, the bustiers. I don’t think I’ve ever had one, though I have a full-blown pleather corset. 😉

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        • rosedandrea April 29, 2016 at 10:41 pm #

          I finally purchased her a pair of shoes. If I don’t hide them she spends significant amounts of the day wanting me to take them off her and then put them back on. lol I have also, for my sanity, had to put my shoes in a less baby accessable location. She still chooses momentary friends through their shoes. She and her latest Pediatriian were instant friends because she liked her cowboy boots. Ah-haha! 😀

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