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#MirthMusicMon – Inquisitive, Swingin’ Cats

2 May

Cats are…interesting creatures.

Most of the time they lie around, waiting to be petted, fed or entertained; they’re prickly half the time, so you never really know how to approach them; they want what they want…when they finally decide; they’re fiercely independent, except when they want you to do everything for them…

Crap, I’m a cat.

Seriously, though, my Mom has always said that the reason she and cats don’t really get along is because they both have the same attributes. And the more I examine myself, the more I have to admit the same thing. lol

Substitute napping for reading and I’m one fur coat away from being a… No, nevermind, I can’t even handle a mouse in a trap, there’s no way I’m eating one. (My husband is the best. He handles the disposal. “Here kitty-kitty.” I sit around feeling sorry for the little things.)

But, that’s enough of this, you came here for Mirth and Music Monday, so here it is!

Hard to go wrong with cats who really know how to swing. lol


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