#MirthMusicMon – Potty Training Prep

11 Jul

We have the baby toilet seat, the little plastic potty, panties, and lots of towels for accidents. It’s all ready after Kathleen gave several clear signs that she waned to start using the potty. Everything is ready and…now she hates it.


Oh, well, at least we’ll be ready the nanosecond she starts being interested in it again.

In her defense, she’s not even quite a year and a half. But for a week there she would throw a royal fit if she didn’t get to try the potty BEFORE mommy. Every time. It’s a really good thing I come from a long line of women with amazing bladder control. lol


It’s a bit of a giggle, anyway.

(I never understood the aversion to touching a flush lever with your hands, you’re going to wash them after anyway, right? *shrugs*)

You’ve probably had enough of this next song, but it still cracks me up. Especially when I’m not a solid liquid and still melting. lol


Alright, we’re going to go enjoy summer by hunting down the illusive Ham-Burger-Thing. Perhaps with a Shookten Milk with it. 😉


That’s it for me today.

My husband is also behind the times with his post this week, and perhaps ReGi will have time for one (but she’s balancing more plates than me, so she’s got a free pass a time or two a month), so check back HERE this evening and there should be another post or two.

Take Care! 😀








One Response to “#MirthMusicMon – Potty Training Prep”

  1. lucindasutherland July 11, 2016 at 5:53 pm #

    Even if it was a commercial it was cute to see all of the personality in the potty-training link. I am not one of those people who have seen too much of that song – I have seen very little of Frozen outside of the commercial realm, but I DID get to be there for a sermon where the preacher sang a lot of “Let It Go” for us… that was strange – he was trying to encourage us to let go of “our” traditions and accept that younger generations are coming in with their own ways and he used that song since apparently he’s also a grandpa…? Not sure on that part, but he’s seen more of the movie than this grandma has.

    I have no potty-training advice. My grandmother was the queen of potty-training but I got none of those skills. I thought it was really interesting that all of the potty-trainees were so OLD, though – really takes a lot of the stigma off of not having them toilet-trained by age two.

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