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#MirthMusicMon – Cake and Patty Cake

3 Oct

This has been a productive week, and the one ahead looks to be quite eventful. Like, I have a factory tour early in the week, and a Renaissance Fair at the end, along with all the other usual running around that happens in a typical week.

Today, though, I plan, hope, to do some research for early financials for the business I am putting together to present to an investor. You know, while I do the mommy thing, too. This could prove to be interesting. Angry, thwarted toddler meltdowns, anyone? lol

Speaking of children, they’re main characters in this week’s humor in Mirth and Music Monday.

I love the little boy who’s pictured in the still photo for this video. He’s so sweet wanting his mom to have the Thor’s hammer from the top of his cake. And not just to have it, he checks later and wants her to eat it. lol Too cute.

The artists who made these cakes are amazing. These are epic level cakes, and like six of them, from one little kitchen, in no time flat…secretly!

For music I found:

Yeah, I’m not that coordinated. lol Glad they are. It’s fun to watch even a third time around. 🙂


That’s it for me this Monday.

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Thanks to ReGi McClain for creating this blog hop.


Have a Great week, everyone!