Sugar High on National Pie Day

14 Mar

Sitting on the couch, eating pumpkin pie with Cool Whip as Kathleen helps herself to the occasional spoonful of cold, white, fluff and watches Ruby Gloom.

Daylight savings has taken its toll on our routine. I may actually have to set a morning alarm for the next few days in hopes of getting the toddler and me up at a more reasonable hour and reset our internal clocks. Not waking up until 10 (Mon and Tues) really throws off nap and bed time.

The crazy amount of snow we got this winter is mostly gone. Yay! Now we wait for planting time. There’s a spot in our front yard that tomatoes love, and we may try bell peppers in a box they enjoyed a few years ago. Not too sure what we are going to do for a regular garden, though. Between the greenhouse frame collapsing under the snow, and the good possibility of the ridiculously free-range chickens around here terrorizing an unprotected garden I already fear for the safety of possible seedlings. :/

I need to find a place to set up my writing computer. There’s a project close to my heart that needs to get off the ground and out there sooner rather than later. It will require a website / blog all its own, and I hope to be able to draft a few friends into helping. Hopefully it will be useful for those it’s created for, as well as financially helpful to those of us who make it and keep it running.

I really need to trim this kid’s finger nails.

Ooh, my brother-in-law just brought home burgers and fries. Yum.


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