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Here’s to Involved Fathers

9 Dec

Involved fathers are the best. Dads in general so often get a bad rap for just sitting on the couch while the kids run mom ragged. Not all males of the species are so out of tune with their offspring’s needs. So let’s hear it for fathers!

Let’s hear it for fathers who distract the kid so we can pee alone!

Let’s hear it for fathers who play twenty questions with the toddler until he finds out

Father and daughter

No, this is not my husband and daughter. He’s really camera shy.

what’s really behind the melt-down!

Let’s hear it for fathers who get the cranky, over-tired kid into the giggles!

Let’s hear it for fathers who can see a disaster in the making and intercept before the world explodes!

Let’s hear it for fathers who clean up a barfed on chair, and get everything cleaned up and the washer going, while we give our sick little one a bath!

Let’s hear it for fathers who call home to ask what he should bring home from the store…and actually get the right size of diapers!

Let’s hear it for the fathers who change diapers, wipe faces, give baths, and kiss boo-boos!

They’re the best. And we can’t imagine parenting without them!!!

  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Your turn! What’s something your partner does that really helps?

What are some ways he balances out one of your parenting weak spots?