Daddy can help. Honest!

16 Nov

My most recent post on Motherhood Off Script:

Motherhood Off Script

Picture this, I’m sitting on the couch beside my husband, clutching our sleeping baby, bouncing in my seat because I have to pee sooo bad! I would love to just go into the other room and use the toilet, but, the baby knows when she is laid down and will wake up the moment her back hits the bassinet.

Guess what? I’m not the only capable adult in the room! Why am I doing this to myself?!?

I do this almost daily, and my baby is two months old now. She’s also our second child. So it’s not like my husband is a nervous wreck when handed his daughter. He loves it.

A daddy and baby snuggled in blanketsThis is not my baby or husband, but this happens on the couch most mornings so I have time to put myself together for the day before our older daughter wakes up.

So why is it so difficult…

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