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Where Does The Time Go?

27 Apr

Seriously? One day you look up from the dishes and realize it’s already the next Tuesday. It’s already been a month. It’s already been a year. Oh, and what a roller coaster the last 12 months have been. We dealt with the global pandemic lockdown just like everyone else, but we also had a car accident, the dog died, the well pump died, and then the water heater needed work. But that’s just the highlight reel of negativity.

Positive things that happened over the past 12 months are things like my husband’s job was deemed essential, one of my sisters and I started a business, the girls had a summer full of sunshine and bubble blowing, I learned how tough I am by recovering nicely from a broken leg and messed up ankle (and surgery to fix both), we got new (to us) cars, our insurance rates didn’t go up, our marriage survived all that emotion and paperwork, Christmas was great, Easter was fun, one of the kittens we bottle raised 3 years ago was returned to us due to the owner’s physical limitations (she’s settling in nicely and the girls are loving a lovable kitty), and now I am putting in this years garden.

Somehow, at the end of it all, the positive outweighs the negative.

I really hope the positive outweighed the negative over your last 12 months, too. Sometimes it’s difficult to look up through the crazy day to day and see the bigger picture, but it’s worth it. There’s something grounding about it. Somehow it makes that day’s hurdles just a little less intimidating. You’ve already been through a lot. You can also handle today.

In case you’re wondering what I’m up to, you can find the occasional motherhood article at and you can find our business at . I’m having fun goofing off on my Twitter account .

#YourTurnChallenge – #Day2 – Failing Forward

21 Jan

Yes, you read the title correctly. Failing forward.

I have come again to a point in my life when I am hampered by a massive fear of failure, which is also wrapped up in a shiny package of fear of success, all tied together, neat and pretty, with the bow of self-disappointment.

See, if I succeed then fail there will be a much larger audience to witness my mistake.

However, if I never try how can I ever win the ultimate prize of financial independence?

Step right up, folks! You won’t want to miss the prize fight of the season! Avoidance of imaginary future pain versus fact and logic.

Yup. Makes lots of sense. But, there it is.

How do I create forward momentum?

I think the only thing to do is to simply allow myself small attempts. Perhaps with several small successes I can work up the courage to seriously implement larger goals; build up my writer/entrepreneur self-confidence. It’s worth a try, right?


And wouldn’t you know it, I have already started. Clever me. I have published 3 short stories on a website called Quarter Reads. I don’t think I’ve made any money yet, but at least they were accepted and are up and ready. There are a few more in my Word files waiting for submission. It’s just taking me a while to get them over there.


Why else? Fear of failure.

You see, part of me expected to make a couple bucks right off the bat after the first story posted.

Now that I have had a few up for a little while that part of me is crowing that this ‘experiment’ was a failure.

The question I should be asking myself is, Why am I listening to my inner critic (who can be a real bully some days)?

Quarter Reads only went live in October. It’s not like they’re huge. It’s not like I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in advertising. In fact, perhaps this lack of self-confidence has led me to not market enough, so that this whole situation becomes a messy self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m just digging deeper and deeper, aren’t I?

“It’s all so complicated!” She wailed dramatically.

The thing is, though, that I haven’t failed at all. How can you fail if you haven’t really tried yet?

I have a book of poetry on Amazon. I have 3 stories up on Quarter Reads. I have countless unfinished ideas, stories and books sitting on my computer… waiting. How can I fail if I haven’t given it a real go? How can you lose a race when you’re still on the starting block?

Failure is part of learning, growing. How many times did you skin your knee learning to ride a bike? How many times did you bruise your butt learning to ice skate?

Failure means you’re active; you’ve given it a shot.

So, back to Failing Forward. This is my thought: I will try.

More stories on Quarter Reads.

Complete an anthology and publish it on Amazon.

Actually market my products.



Besides, nobody’s perfect.




A Kick in the Pants

30 Nov

There’s this old saying that goes something like “Even a kick in the pants is a step forward”, and it’s true. That stumbling step you take after something less than gently bumps you from behind is still forward motion.

Let us hope that this forward motion creates some kinetic energy in my projects, because I need to keep moving. Need to. No more excuses.

I know that I have had this kind of a pep talk with myself before, but never have I had the kind of deadline as I do now.

A child.

My first child is due some time after the middle of January, and I must have certain projects rolling and producing before her arrival. No more pity parties. No more procrastinating. There is no more time.

It must be possible to create something that produces a decent amount of income in the next few weeks.

So here’s a loose game plan. Today: Strategic Planning. Tomorrow: Implementation. We have been talking of and planning for several things for quite a while. It’s time to turn the ignition switch and put a couple of these in gear.

Let’s go!

*        *        *

Who kicked me in the pants?

K. L. Schwengel


Bob Mayer


Thanks you two. If I can’t get things pulled together and marching onward it’s not for your lack of motivational-ness. 🙂


*        *        *

How about you, my reader? Have you been throwing yourself a pity party, stupid paper hat and all? Have you recently pulled on your work boots and trudged through your pile of excuses headed toward victory? Or have you finally triumphed over your seemingly endless diatribe of inner excuses to reach the top of your hill, uh, goal?

Please share. I’m dying to know. 🙂


And finally:

Dear Excuses,

I regret to inform you that your presence is no longer required.


– Rose D’Andrea





No More Waiting On This Dream!

29 Nov

So after trying to find a way to fund one of our business ideas by ourselves we have finally come to the conclusion that we need to do some crowdfunding.

We spent some time talking with a couple of lawyers about whether it was a viable idea for us and this area, and they both gave us the green light.

Therefore we are going ahead with the fundraising.

It will be two-fold. First we will be raising enough so we can get incorporated and officially put the business together.

Then the second phase will be to raise enough capital to run the business through at least the first 6 months, but we’re honestly hoping for a year.

I really hope we can put this business together because by the time we have everything fully functional I will have office space (actual office space!) to pursue my writing career on a 9-5 basis.

I am also hoping that with some space to spread out and get organized we will be able to follow a couple of our other dreams. At this point they are other businesses, but we will have a place to jump from. This is going to be so awesome!

Plus, by the time we’re done putting this whole thing together we will have hired a business manager, a receptionist, and a part time janitor. That’s 3 new jobs created! Yay!

What’s the business idea, you ask? It’s going to be a success center.

What’s that? A success center is a place for work from home people to meet clients, hold meetings, and in general have a more professional front than their dining room table. It also works well for professionals away from their office, like when a realtor is showing a house in another town and his clients don’t have time for a half hour drive to his office. He can schedule an office at the success center and have a professional environment in which to explain the paperwork.

We also see a need for affordable space for CPR and First Aid classes, small conferences, or even someone trying to do their taxes without a toddler trying to ‘help’.

Right now we are just trying to raise enough to get incorporated, to get a bank account started in the company name, and register the business with the city, state, and federal government. These, and all the other gloriously tedious things, come with a lot of paperwork and a fee.

We’re not looking for a gold mine, just enough to get this show on the road.

You can help us either by donating or by helping us spread the word.

No demanding. No guilt trip. Just simply asking.


Here’s the link:


Enough waiting. It’s time for us to seize the day, the dream, the opportunity.

I love Phineas and Ferb.  🙂 


A Little Of This And A Little Of That And Presto A Poem

24 Nov

I am so uninspired this evening it’s almost painful. So I’m going to talk about a whole range of random things from the last couple of days and hope to come up with something. Fingers crossed this works.

*            *            *

First off, Lonnie and I have taken a couple of baby steps toward (hopefully) putting an office together where people can come in and rent an office space by the hour. We have looked at one place that’s up for rent, and have the number of the realtor for another possible location.

On Thursday afternoon we put in a call to our law firm about how we will want to get things set up for starting this business with crowdfunding. The last thing we want to do is screw something up in the first couple of weeks. That would really put a damper on things. (no duh, Rose)  The lawyer we talked with is scheduled to call us back Monday afternoon with her opinion on things, and hopefully we can move forward with a crowdfunding campaign by the end of this week. Hopefully. We’ll have to hear what she has to say about what needs to be set up before we start.  :/ 

My wonderful husband is also looking into grants as well.

Needless to say, my brain is about to explode.

I think I’ll stick with helping with the business plan, playing with the cost projections, and trying to decide which site to go through for raising the funds. If you miss me on Twitter and other places in the internet world, please, say a little prayer for our sanity as we stare at the instructions for how to create a five-year projection and write a business plan; and dream up marketing ideas for the fundraising and the future business.

(It’s going to be great once everything is set up, but for right now…?

Okay, enough of trying not to hyperventilate. On to something else.)

*            *            *

Jay and I have started reading Louis L’Amour’s The Shadow Riders. Our first sitting we finished the 3rd chapter. Already really sucked in. He has seen the movie, but I have no idea what is coming and I am on the edge of my seat. It’s so frustrating being so interested in a book that’s sitting on my phone, but only being able to read it once a week.

By now you’ve probably figured out that I try my best not to have to cancel days with Jay.  lol

*            *            *

Thanksgiving is almost here and I can not wait.

The pumpkin pie is already calling my name.

One problem with this whole food thing… I have decided to go back onto my diet after Thanksgiving.

Part of me died typing that out.

It’s not a hard diet, really. It’s just the avoidance of refined sugar, almost all simple carbohydrates, and most fruit. I know it will be a lot better for my health, my blood sugar swings will stop being as dramatic, and I will have more energy, but it’s difficult to be really excited.

One thing I will allow myself this time is one of those little wrapped Dove or Hershey’s dark chocolate squares a day. You know those little piece that are wrapped in foil, and in reality there’s like five of them to a serving? Yeah, one a day. Believe me when I say, those things will be savored.

*            *            *


My mind is empty

No words to fill

I’ve tried for hours

No thoughts to spill

The page lies blank

Just an accusing stare

Nothing to write

So nothing is there


*            *            *

Hah! I did it!  😀 

A spur of the moment photo shoot that really paid off.  :)

A spur of the moment photo shoot that really paid off. 🙂



All Roads Lead To…Babies

9 Oct

    I realize that this blog has a lot of stuff about my writing, and my hopes for a writing career, but at the core, Rose’s Road is supposed to be a journal about me helping with the family budget enough that we can afford to have babies. (Yes, we have heard the saying “if you wait to have kids until you can have afford them, you’ll never have them.” This is a conversation we have been having recently.)

So as a blog that details my financial…er… journey, it will occasionally touch on things which have nothing to do with my writing. Sorry. But this is cool. Trust me.


I need to learn to trust my gut instincts more.

This afternoon after finishing up a meeting with a young man who’s interested in selling LegalShield we stopped by Taco Time. We were both hungry, and Lonnie had a $5 bill burning a hole in his pocket.

Another young man held the door open for us, and since we didn’t know what we wanted yet, we told him to go ahead of us. As he was ordering I got a vibe of possibilities off him. I can’t explain it. I barely understand it. There are just times when I get an immediate impression of a person or couple, and it is almost always right. The impression I got was that he was just right for doing what we do with LegalShield.

After a little conversation (like 90 seconds worth) I discovered that he is intelligent, well spoken, not shy, and has a sense of humor. I quietly relayed this assessment to Lonnie, and out came a business card.

His response was better than I had expected. Immediately he wanted to know all kinds of things, which Lonnie easily explained. These questions weren’t just the polite “I’ll humor them and throw the card away on my way out” ones either. They had meat to them.

By the end of a short Q & A session we set a tentative meeting for later in the week, and he made it clear that he looks forward to finding out more information.

So, yay for the gut instincts!


It would just be nice if I got more of them when it came to writing… 


Here’s to eventually making enough money that we can feel almost comfortable with the idea of doctor’s bills.

Plus, I saw Mamma Mia! all the way through for the first time a couple weekends ago. Lots of fun. Not for little ones. lol