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Where Does The Time Go?

27 Apr

Seriously? One day you look up from the dishes and realize it’s already the next Tuesday. It’s already been a month. It’s already been a year. Oh, and what a roller coaster the last 12 months have been. We dealt with the global pandemic lockdown just like everyone else, but we also had a car accident, the dog died, the well pump died, and then the water heater needed work. But that’s just the highlight reel of negativity.

Positive things that happened over the past 12 months are things like my husband’s job was deemed essential, one of my sisters and I started a business, the girls had a summer full of sunshine and bubble blowing, I learned how tough I am by recovering nicely from a broken leg and messed up ankle (and surgery to fix both), we got new (to us) cars, our insurance rates didn’t go up, our marriage survived all that emotion and paperwork, Christmas was great, Easter was fun, one of the kittens we bottle raised 3 years ago was returned to us due to the owner’s physical limitations (she’s settling in nicely and the girls are loving a lovable kitty), and now I am putting in this years garden.

Somehow, at the end of it all, the positive outweighs the negative.

I really hope the positive outweighed the negative over your last 12 months, too. Sometimes it’s difficult to look up through the crazy day to day and see the bigger picture, but it’s worth it. There’s something grounding about it. Somehow it makes that day’s hurdles just a little less intimidating. You’ve already been through a lot. You can also handle today.

In case you’re wondering what I’m up to, you can find the occasional motherhood article at and you can find our business at . I’m having fun goofing off on my Twitter account .

Stashed at Mary’s

26 Dec

Mary was a lovely lady. I have such sweet memories of time spent at her house. It’s interesting to see the friendship through my mother’s eyes.

Motherhood Off Script

  Mothers of the young are not the only moms who could use a little time with other moms. Here’s a sweet memory from one of our writers, Lucinda Sutherland:

  One year, while we were in the middle of moving from one Idaho town to another, we found a really good sale on the Tonka toys we wanted to get our kids for Christmas. So we bought the toys. But then we discovered we had a problem – where do you hide toys, bulky toys, while you are in the middle of moving? You can’t hide them in the house you are leaving because the kids are only supervised by Grandma while you’re hauling a load to the new house so they could easily search the house for toys while you’re gone. You can’t hide them in the new house because every day or so you take the…

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Daddy can help. Honest!

16 Nov

My most recent post on Motherhood Off Script:

Motherhood Off Script

Picture this, I’m sitting on the couch beside my husband, clutching our sleeping baby, bouncing in my seat because I have to pee sooo bad! I would love to just go into the other room and use the toilet, but, the baby knows when she is laid down and will wake up the moment her back hits the bassinet.

Guess what? I’m not the only capable adult in the room! Why am I doing this to myself?!?

I do this almost daily, and my baby is two months old now. She’s also our second child. So it’s not like my husband is a nervous wreck when handed his daughter. He loves it.

A daddy and baby snuggled in blanketsThis is not my baby or husband, but this happens on the couch most mornings so I have time to put myself together for the day before our older daughter wakes up.

So why is it so difficult…

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#MirthMusicMon – I Recognize that look!

27 Feb

Sorry, guys. Computer’s on the fritz. Still. Again. Grrr…
Hopefully Lonnie can work some magic and get things working correctly soon. :/
Have a great week. 🙂

Rose's Road

Monday snuck up on us again.

Someone should start a petition or something. 😉

For this Mirth and Music Monday I did a little digging and found a cute scene fragment from one of The Thin Man movies.

Hehe, I earn that look from my husband at least once a week. 😀

For a bit of fun:


That’s it for me this week.

If you liked what you saw, or didn’t but are willing to give the idea another chance, click HERE to go to the link up of all the bloggers doing #MirthMusicMon this week. (Thanks to the creator of this weekly idea, ReGi McClain! 🙂 )

If you should decide to join in on the Mirth and Music Monday fun as a blogger you’re more than welcome. All you’d need to do is find something funny and something musical, create your post, then add…

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#MirthMusicMon – Anglophile Confessions

7 Nov

Sorry, guys, not sure what Kathleen did, but about 10 keys on my laptop aren’t working right now . Hopefully it will be easily fixed, but for now I’m stuck using the on-screen keyboard . Nice to have the option, otherwise I  wouldn’t have even been able to put in the password to turn the poor abused thing on. :/

But, now that I got a post out I get to reward myself with a mug of tea and a chocolate covered blintz. Yum. 🙂


Anglophile means someone who really likes British culture, people, their royalty, etc., and I am one. Having lived in England for 4 years as a child, it’s not surprising that I love quite a b…

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#MirthMusicMon – Songs of the Farmer

24 Oct

It’s harvest time again! 🙂

Rose's Road

This past week or two it is very obvious that I live in an agricultural area.

Grain is being harvested, straw and hay are being baled, and the onions are getting their pre-harvest attention. There is a ton of dust in the air.

I’m not complaining, though.

Even though I have never participated in the farming process I love to watch the fields change through the year. It makes me happy to see winter wheat sprouting in the early spring and drive past rows of ripening corn in the summer.

That is probably why I love these songs so much.  🙂




And just to make double sure you giggle at least once:


Alright, now that I’ve had you watch a bunch of stuff about growing stuff clickHEREto see who else is joining along with Mirth and Music Monday this week.


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#MirthMusicMon – Procrastination 6-5000

26 Sep

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been working on building an offline business, which I may or may not share with my personal blog following, not sure yet. We shall see what the consensuses is among those I trust with my safely and security. 🙂
So, while I am not procrastinating on most things, it is a chore to try and fit everything in right now. But I really do not want this blog to fall by the wayside. I’ll just have to put more effort into working on it when the mood strikes. 😀
I hope you all have a great week!

Rose's Road

This procrastination thing has my life all wrapped up.

It’s around my writing, blogging, social life, housework, even eating my meals, for heaven’s sake!

One of the few things I procrastinated on was getting photos of Kathleen in the Easter dress my mother knitted for her. Win!One of the few things I didn’t procrastinate on was getting photos of Kathleen in the Easter dress my mother knitted. Win!

So it was nice to come across a video that explains what I’m going through, with a bit of humor.

Now I just need to figure out a way to make self-imposed deadlines more…scary?

Any suggestions?

Seriously, any ideas?

Your input may just get this highly distractable brain into gear.


The music bit was easy. I found something I hadn’t heard in a while; and as you can see it made for an interesting post title. Bonus! lol

Hard to go wrong with Glen Miller.

(Plus, Kathleen did a little boogy while holding onto the table, so you know it’s got…

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MirthMusicMon – Simplicity of Love

14 Aug

I found a fun and adorable video for this week’s Mirth and Music Monday post. I hope you enjoy it.


While the story did have a lot of music in it, here’s the one song that’s guaranteed to be sung when Mom and I go out for karaoke:


That’s all I have this week.

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Why Your Blog’s About Page Is Completely Wrong by JOEL FRIEDLANDER

3 Jun

I’m going to have to freshen up my About page, and this angle should be applied to my Book page, as well. If you have a blog, or some other platform where you’re trying to get people interested in what it is you do, this might be an interesting read.

#MirthMusicMon – Minions in Pink

25 Apr

This video made me giggle several times last week, so I figured I’d share it with you for Mirth and Music Monday. 🙂

Now that you’ve laughed, get out there and kick this week in the pretty pink posterior.


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