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#MirthMusicMon – Critters and BFFs

9 Nov

Kathleen loves animals.

Dogs and cats make her light up like a Christmas tree.

She saw a mouse inspecting a dog bowl a few weeks ago and tried to get its attention.

She’s pouting right now because one of our porch cats left the window and hasn’t responded to her requests to come back into view. lol

So it’s no surprise that she enjoys this video. Even though she’s too young to appreciate the humor.



And because it makes me giggle:



Have a Great week, you!


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#MirthMusicMon – Good Morning, Baby

1 Nov

The older Kathleen gets and the more things she can do the more…interesting my life becomes.

Here’s another mom’s example of trying to live with a tiny. ๐Ÿ™‚



And, because I like this song:



Have a Great Monday! ๐Ÿ™‚


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And the Ewww Gross Award Goes To…

28 Oct

A few days ago my daughter, Kathleen, an adventurous 9 month old, decided to do something a little too far outside her abilities and ended up on her head.

Not unusual for this age. It happens almost weekly anymore.

This time, though, she got a little scrape and needed a small round bandage.

Fast forward a few days and Lonnie, baby and I are over at my parents’ house helping them move furniture.

Kathleen is being passed between my mother and myself depending on who’s most needed at the moment.

About the time we’re wrapping up Mom goes down stairs to order a pizza, so I put Kathleen on the floor for a couple minutes and help put clothes in a box while keeping half an eye on her.

It apparently wasn’t the correct half.

I pick her up and notice that she’s rolling something around in her mouth.

Great. :/

As I’m trying to get her mouth open there’s a big, theatrical swallow, and it’s gone.

Then Lonnie points to her head and says…

“Her band-aid’s gone.”




*** The little bandage passed without incident, by the way. lol ***



#MirthMusicMon – Beautifully Dreaming

26 Oct

Today is going to be really busy,

so it’s going to be a short and sweet Mirth and Music Monday from me to you. ๐Ÿ™‚




I hope everyone has a great Monday.

Myself included. lol


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Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚




#MirthMusicMon – That’s Amore

21 Sep

It’s waaay past morning on this Monday morning, but this time I have a legitimate excuse.

The entire household has come down with a cold.

So, my brain, such as I have left, has been spliced with what’s left of my husband’s as we attempt to take care of ourselves and baby’s first cold.

For the most part she’s being a real trooper through the symptoms; plays wonderfully in her pen right after a nap.

But the couple of times her sinuses plugged up all Hades broke loose. Mostly she just fusses and cries until she gives up and takes a long nap.

However, this has not abated her hunger for whatever is on my plate, thus I found it hilarious to find a video of a baby pulling her same shtick.

You might have to turn it up a little to hear the dad narrating for baby. lol


Kathleen goes one better now and will actually try to pull my arm down to where she can get hold of my fork.

Yeah, all kinds of cute until the tug of war ends with said fork-full all over the both of you.

Then it’s just Daddy laughing. ๐Ÿ˜‰


To go with the Italian food theme, let’s try a little Dino.



OK, that’s it for me, Miss Crankypants wants some attention.

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#MirthMusicMon – Dancing in the Mirror

7 Sep

It’s Mirth and Music Monday!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

This week it’s adults dancing with their…interestingly distorted reflections.


lolย  I love the look that last baby gives to her older self.

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See you next week! ๐Ÿ™‚




#MirthMusicMusic – It’s a Tooth!

24 Aug

Today’s Mirth and Music Monday comes with a little announcement.

My little teething Kathleen has cut her first tooth!

It wasn’t as bad as I was prepared to deal with. I only really noticed her extra clingy-ness the day before it actually cleared the gums. (Observant much?)

Now we’re wondering if the one beside it is on it’s way also as we play finger ninjas trying to keep her from gnawing on us with that ridiculously sharp little fang.

On that note, I heard this song as Kathleen and I were getting our Phineas and Ferb fix last week:



That’s pretty accurate, actually. lol


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Babies are Weird

9 Aug

They really are!

My 6 month old girl is sitting next to me at the dining room table, alternately babbling, blowing very wet raspberries, and gnawing on the ribbon holding her little chew baggy of grapes, farting like a drunk frat boy, and probably wishing I would put the computer back to the sparkly-outfitted ’70’s music video we watched right before I started blogging.

She is outright refusing to learn how to sit on her own. Instead she keeps her legs straight and wants to bouncy-prance around. This child is going for mobility, ASAP.

Her first word? Dog.

Said very clearly over my shoulder this morning as she looked back at one of our black labs.


I really wanted it to be daddy or something…cuter.

Nope. She’s crazy about dogs and cats.

She almost did jumping-jacks in my lap when my sister’s pug came careening into the birthday party last night. Kept shifting her weight and leaning around so she could keep Winnie in sight.

Back to the aforementioned fruit, she will eat so many refried beans I have to cut her off for her diaper’s sake, but makes faces over apples and grapes.

Gripe water has turned into an addiction. I took matters into my own hands and rather than pay $10 for 4oz I asked Lonnie to go get 3 very carefully researched ingredients from the health food store. Now we have made 2 batches of an herbal tea which most babies drink very diluted and sparingly. Not for her. Nope. She will drink it straight or highly diluted. It tastes like unsweetened rootbeer with just a hint of ginger and black liquorish. And she loves it.

My own personal little weirdo.

Love her to pieces. ๐Ÿ™‚


Wanna see the video we were watching?



She’s had a nap since the previous words, and has scared me to death by proving once again that she has figured out how to get from the middle of our bed to my bedside table in nothing flat. Now we have no time in which to do the sleeping surface enlargement that we have been talking about.

Going in to get her after she woke up I witnessed her up on hands and knees looking toward that table again. Are we going to have a crawler before the age of 7 months?!?

Is that normal?

Whatever. All I know is that Lonnie and I have our hands full, and from here on out we are going to have to wear track shoes to keep up with her.


Man, I hate running.




#MirthMisicMon – Hotel Transylvania 2!

20 Jul


Who put this here?

One minute you’re laughing over how much your kid loves zucchini and peas, the next it’s time to do responsible things… Like remembering you have a blog…



Here’s something I ran across while entertaining my munchkin.



Then there’s a teaser trailer for the next one: Hotel Transylvania 2.

I can’t wait! ๐Ÿ˜€




I have baby diapers to wash.ย  (And the people rejoiced.ย  Yay.)


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#MirthMusicMon – Dog’s Best Friend

29 Jun

It’s Mirth and Music Monday!


Here’s an animated short by Disney I’d never seen.



Then there’s one of my daughter’s favorite songs.


I’m going to have to learn the verses for this so I can sing the entire song while pacing with an overtired baby. Much better for my sanity than just singing that short little chorus on repeat. lol


Thatโ€™s it for me folks.

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