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Could My Writing Ever Be Good Enough To Inspire Songs?

15 Aug

Yeah, I know. It’s a strange topic.

But, here I am, asking the question.

(Really, I’m not trying to come across as pretentious or egotistical.)

It’s mostly because I have this song stuck in my head:



That song got me to wondering if any of my poetry, or eventual novels will end up inspiring someone out there to write a song about the idea behind it.

Could I possibly become a good enough poet that my last name alone would carry weight in literary circles (like Byron, Shakespeare and so many others).

Would it be slightly possible that my works could eventually be nodded to in sculpture and paintings, referenced in school books as someone to study?

This is a pretty hefty line of what if’s…but seriously, what if?

*            *            *

Do you want to see some other songs that were inspired by books and poetry?

Check out this article: 10 Songs Inspired by Books

*            *            *

What kinds of questions and what-if scenarios (concerning your work/art) run through your brain?

Do you play with the idea, or do you immediately slap it down as an impossibility or flight of fancy?