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Computers: A Love-Hate Relationship – A Poem

11 Jan

Hmmm, according to my schedule, Saturday is my day for poetry.

So that means I have to come up with something.


Got it!

*        *        *

I love computers.

I hate computers.

They make my life easier

And harder at the same time.

Info in a hurry?

Bing or Google are a lifeline.

Want to get some work done?

Nope, defrag time.

The more they’re needed

The more they go.

Need it done in a hurry?

Yeah, that’s a big fat no.

Scans, tests and system checks

Take twice the time you expect.

When all you want to do is play

The darn thing works great all day.


I love computers.

I hate computers.

*        *        *

Not pretty, but there you have it. A poem. A raw one at that. Only touched the backspace for misspellings. I would usually spend about an hour pouring over every detail and making everything all nice and pretty. Tonight, however, I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing behind the curtain a little.

Any thoughts?

What would you change?


Heehee, look what I found.





Playing With My Computer, A Wild Adventure

20 Jul

At least for me it is.

I’m not too sure how adventurous or interesting you will find it.


I turned on my computer’s speech-to-text program this afternoon. Lonnie found me a mic that hangs from my ear. I went back through the tutorial, and ventured forth into a grand new world of verbal freedom. Or so I thought.

Nearly every sentence needs edited in at least two places. The dratted program doesn’t automatically capitalize the beginning of a sentence if it has quotation marks first. Half the long words (6 or more letters) get broken into smaller ones that sound sort of like my intended choice.

I am being told that in a week or two it should be zeroed in for my voice and speech pattern, but that kind of defeats the purpose. I turned the program on so that I could still work on these projects while I have an incapacitated hand. By the time the speech-to-text is finally working right, the wrist should be healed, and I won’t need it anymore.

Yet another lesson in patience.

I should learn it one of these days. Maybe after that life won’t have so many obnoxious speed bumps.

Who am I kidding?

One of my favorite movie lines is from The Princess Bride when Inigo says “I hate waiting.”


Because, you guessed it, I hate waiting.

*            *            *


*            *            *

On a lighter note, my husband discovered several Steam Punk magazines that are open to submissions of flash fiction. So, today (right after he told me) I sat down and told the computer a story. Then had to edit the snot out of it because it was totally messed up. I have a very nice post London Blitz what-if scenario flash story. Six hundred and fifty words (last time I checked).

I think I’ll get the submission details and fire it off as soon as possible. That way I won’t have time to play my own what-if game and psych myself out of sending it.

I got a little ways into a zombie flash before my honey set a plate of lasagna in front of me. Hopefully that one will be finished some time tomorrow.

If all goes reasonably well I’m considering making it a point to write a Steam Punk flash fiction piece a week. If nothing else it will give me more practice at finishing a writing project. Heh. *Looks guiltily around the room* Not that I have trouble with that or anything.

*            *            *

Have you ever sent something in to a magazine (e-zines included)?

Did they publish it? What happened?


What kind of results do you get out of any speech-to-text programs you use?


Not A Good Week

5 Jul

Yeah. Really not.

  • My writing is at something of a stand still again.
  • I’ve missed a couple deadlines on my other blog.
  • My blood sugar has been hard to balance.
  • I fear this computer is on it’s way out.
  • The heat just about killed me on Wednesday.
  • Although I like the new swim suit (it’s pretty) the number on the size tag makes me want to have a good old fashioned childish tantrum (which, really, could be a better work-out than the walks).
  • And one of our cats has decided that my kitchen window plant is the tastiest thing on the planet. That poor plant had just really begun to show promise that it would survive the previous ravaging.


I’ve done a tiny bit of research and I think I may fall into a category of people called HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person. This means that I feel the emotions around me (think Diana Troy, but not that precise). If I’m tired it can get pretty bad if the emotions are strong and negative, literally reducing me to tears apparently.

I’ve always known I was able to sympathize really well, and being around stressed out people puts me on edge. Angry men, even if it’s well bottled, make me feel really nervous, almost queasy.

I can’t sleep if Lonnie’s head is spinning, it makes me feel twitchy. I have to play with his hair to calm his mind so he can sleep…so I can sleep. lol

It was a plus while I was helping in sales and finance. I could help my colleagues negotiate deals by finding what the predominant emotion was and helping deal with it.

In writing it does not take much for me to get into the emotional heads of my characters, and to help them emote onto the page.

Right now, though, I am trying to learn how to put up barriers when I’m around certain people or emotionally charged areas. This could take some work, but will hopefully pay off when I no longer want to cry while in the presence of a couple acquaintances. They are good people. They work hard, care about their families, and all that good stuff, but they apparently are under a lot of stress right now and being around them makes my chest tighten, my heart rate goes up, I feel sort of disoriented, and have to suppress the urge to just bawl my eyes out.

I hope in the near future they will learn to deal with this stress. If what I’m feeling is just part of their inner turmoil they could be in for some medical problems here pretty soon.

For me…I will do more research so I can save my sanity.

^       *        ^        *        ^

I don’t cry well. My eyes get red and puffy, I get weak and shaky, and most of the time I get a bit of a tension headache afterward. Not fun.

This is an example from Sense and Sensibility:


Yeah…not pretty.

I love Elinor, though (Emma Thompson does such a good job). She has to be the sensible one. Bottling heavy emotions just so she can take care of her little family. Although I always want to cry fowl when she finally admits to her sister that she likes Edward and has to comfort HER because she starts crying on Elinor’s behalf! Sheesh!

*        ?        *        ?        *

What are things that set you on edge?

Are you one of those obnoxious people who can cry without looking like you caught a basketball in the forehead? 😉

Or do you just really like Sense and Sensibility?


I Love Playing On Swings (And How It Translates Into My Writing Life)

15 Jun
Huh...You can see me taking a photo of me in the shadow of me. ;)

Huh…You can see me taking a photo of me in this shadow of me. 😉

I love to swing on swings. Always have. Hopefully always will.

There is something so freeing about flying through the air, with the wind in your hair, and the sun shining down of you. It’s lovely.

It kind of made me think, though. In swinging you have ups and you have downs.

Much of life has ups and downs. Good and bad. Easy and hard. Fun and boring.

Let’s talk about the fun and boring part.

Fun stuff is…well, fun.  Boring stuff…is self explanatory.

And they are both relative.

Where I would be bored almost to tears sitting in a financial planning seminar, someone else could be totally jazzed about the potential of applying it to their life, or business.

And where I consider it fun to sit around all day reading old romance novels and drinking tea, others would find it mind-meltingly dull.


But that’s not where I really wanted to take this post.

Where I wanted to go is: I think I may be something of a ‘muse’ writer. And right now, my muse is very silent.  Not cool.

Talk about ups and downs? This is a down in my writing.

It doesn’t help that my computer is in the living room, the main thorough-fare for the house. It’s pretty hard to really get into what you’re working on when you’re 10′ from the front door, the dogs want out and in again, people want to know what you’re working on (grrr), and all you can think about is the state of your kitchen (which is sitting two rooms behind you. Staring at the back of your head).

Perhaps this season of my life is learning self-control?

Learning how to say “Please don’t bother me. I just finally got comfortable and have actually written 5 sentences that don’t suck.”

Learning to ignore the kitchen’s accusing stare, and making myself actually schedule dish washing times.

Learning to write when the muse isn’t forcing me to jot something down.

Maybe it’s a season of learning instead. Huh.

?        ?        ?

Are you in a season of learning?

Have you learned something about yourself recently that could be a helpful lesson for the rest of the class?

P.S. there isn’t another room for me to put my computer. The router is in here, and my WiFi thingy is broken on this poor old thing, so it’s in the living room so I can have internet. Can’t take it outside, either. The battery is shot. It must be plugged in while it’s on, or it won’t be on for more that five minutes. :/  Yeah, replacing the writer’s computer is one of the first 10 things we’re going to do when one of our projects comes through for us.

*sigh* Until then… Patience is being drilled into me. lol

At least I can go swinging when it gets to be too much! 😀

I may be a grown-up, but that doesn't mean I can't occasionally act like a kid.  :)

I may be a grown-up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally act like a kid. 🙂