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Confession of a Book Snob #1

21 Aug

Wow! According to this I’m a book snob.

😀  Cool.

I see nothing wrong with that.

But now I’m curious.

Are you a book snob?

The Fluffy Bunny Version Of You Is Holding Back Your Blog Views?

25 Jun

So today I came across an article titled 7 Freaky Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Real Science. After reading it…well, I got distracted by my day and didn’t really give it a second thought.

While starting to think about tonight’s blog post, however I got to wondering. How are some ways I could implement these ideas so that more people click on my blog title and actually read the dang thing?

Well, here are my short little interpretations of Robert Coles’ observances, tilted toward what the typical blogger should get out of it.

1. People are more drawn to a train wreck than to a field of butterflies, so don’t be afraid to have some negativity or bad news in your title.

2. Pictures, photos, videos! People ‘get’ them faster than you spending 9 hours crafting the perfect words.

3. Sometimes arguing from the opposite side of the topic can bring people around to your point of view. Like reverse psychology on a toddler. 😀

4. Make them aware of a time limit or a limited supply, but don’t be too specific so they buy it now while they see it rather than wait and maybe be too late and either the offer is off the table, or they’re all gone.

5. Truth! Sometimes telling people you fudged up is better than grinning and trying to scramble and hope they don’t notice. Someone will notice. They will call you on the carpet about it. Fess up now, and you will be more liked because you are not ‘perfect’…just like the rest of us.

6. Tell people who you are writing/making/building this for. Who are you looking for in a customer? Say it out loud…so they know.

7. This one is titled Be Divisive. And is a little more difficult to translate. It seems to have two parts. The first: Don’t be afraid to tell people who isn’t your ideal customer. The second: Sometimes pointing out a bad guy (i.e. a group, standard, habit, etc.) is a great way to get everyone in your sphere of influence to join together for a common cause.

So…yeah. Give the link a click, read his article, and come back to tell me how I did. I’m kinda curious. 🙂

Sometimes it really is about brains over brawn.

Sometimes it really is about brains over brawn!