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#MirthMusicMon – Geeks vs the World

23 Nov

Although I don’t think I ever really looked the part I have almost always felt like a geek or nerd in one way or another.

So in honor of that fact, and because they’re fun, here are some nerd and geek power videos for Mirth and Music Monday.






We may not always be the most obvious about it, because let’s face it, fashion is nice too, but we’re just as smart, creative and funny as anybody else. You may, however, practically need to learn another language to understand us sometimes. lol


Thanks for watching.

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My Friday Night Exercise

21 Sep

*Pant, pant, gasp*

We just got home from the Senior Center dance.

Where’s my water bottle?

My feet hurt, my right calf is about half a step away from cramping, and I couldn’t be happier.

Tonight was the drummer’s birthday. His birthday request was that the cover charge be waived. So tonight’s outing was free. There was the usual pot-luck fare at the 8:30 intermission, plus a big, chocolate birthday cake. (I was a good girl and only stole one bite from Lonnie’s piece.)

The treasurer has just had a minor foot surgery so she couldn’t really get out and dance much (although she did manage a subdued twist). She asked a few of the ladies to take her place and keep her husband on the dance floor. I’d only danced with him a couple of times before. I think he does a country version of a waltz, which I’m not used to, but he leads so well I had no problem following.

So not only am I learning the two-step, but now I am fascinated with this new kind of waltz.

Next week is a western night. They have a special fiddle player coming in from a couple towns over.

This should be interesting, since I don’t own any cowboy boots, or a fluffy, puffy skirt. Although a sister did give me a shirt a few weeks ago which should work. And my black knee high boots should substitute…sort of. I have a denim skirt, but it’s a little too narrow for wearing to a dance.

I do have a pair of jeans that make my butt look awesome, sooo… yeah.  🙂

*Gasp!* And I have a big belt buckle with roses on it!

Yay! Thanks for listening, y’all. I’ve figured out what I’m going to wear.  😀


Something interesting happened this evening. I answered honestly when a couple people asked me what I had been doing recently. I straight up told them that I have been working on getting a book of bathroom poetry published on Amazon. Seriously, I thought it was just going to be glossed over with a “oh, how nice for you”. Nope. As far as I can tell I’m going to have to take a box of books to autograph for several people at the Senior Center as soon as I can get things worked around to getting that thing on the print-on-demand option. I was also told that they wouldn’t want them as gifts. They want to pay for their copies!

Mind Blown

So that was an ego boost.  🙂


Alright. I’ve had time for the muscles in my legs to quit twitching from the torture. It’s time to take these tired tootsies to bed.

I hope you guys all have amazing weekends! I’m sure as heck am going to figure out a way to have some more fun.  😀




I Did So Much Dancing My Feet Hurt

17 Aug

We had lots of fun, though.

My two-step lessons continued. My ‘instructor’ was having fun testing my following ability tonight. He kept switching direction on me, then grinning as I laughed while keeping step with him. Too much fun.

I got to snatch Lonnie (my husband) away from the ladies long enough to get two waltzes and a swing in through the evening…oh, and a rumba. I really like to rumba.  😀

Tonight’s snacks included cottage cheese, finger veggies, Rice Crispy Treats, carrot cake cupcakes, (really good) meat loaf, a couple kinds of jello, chips & salsa and a couple other things I can’t remember.

There were plenty of left overs. We actually got sent home with 4 squares of meat loaf, some rolls, and the last of a veggie tray. Guess that’s what I get for asking the Center’s President if there was anything I could do to help clean up. I’m not complaining. Lonnie had very little to do to throw together a left-overs dinner for the room-mate when he came home; and of course my midnight snack.

We brought an acquaintance along with us tonight. He has too much trouble getting around to dance, but he sure likes sitting next to the band and tapping his cane to the beat. The pianist came and asked me if he was my father (he’s old enough to be my grandfather!).  I told her, no, he’s just a friend. She said he was such a joy to watch, having all that fun just listening to them play. We got asked by a couple of people to be sure and bring him again. 🙂  He is a lot of fun, so there’s no doubt about that.

Oof, these feet are really telling me about it.  I’m going to find you something fun to watch, then head for my bed. You wouldn’t think people over 60 would have that much energy!  😀




Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head all through my dreams.  Oh, well, it’s a fun one.