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My Friday Night Exercise

21 Sep

*Pant, pant, gasp*

We just got home from the Senior Center dance.

Where’s my water bottle?

My feet hurt, my right calf is about half a step away from cramping, and I couldn’t be happier.

Tonight was the drummer’s birthday. His birthday request was that the cover charge be waived. So tonight’s outing was free. There was the usual pot-luck fare at the 8:30 intermission, plus a big, chocolate birthday cake. (I was a good girl and only stole one bite from Lonnie’s piece.)

The treasurer has just had a minor foot surgery so she couldn’t really get out and dance much (although she did manage a subdued twist). She asked a few of the ladies to take her place and keep her husband on the dance floor. I’d only danced with him a couple of times before. I think he does a country version of a waltz, which I’m not used to, but he leads so well I had no problem following.

So not only am I learning the two-step, but now I am fascinated with this new kind of waltz.

Next week is a western night. They have a special fiddle player coming in from a couple towns over.

This should be interesting, since I don’t own any cowboy boots, or a fluffy, puffy skirt. Although a sister did give me a shirt a few weeks ago which should work. And my black knee high boots should substitute…sort of. I have a denim skirt, but it’s a little too narrow for wearing to a dance.

I do have a pair of jeans that make my butt look awesome, sooo… yeah.  🙂

*Gasp!* And I have a big belt buckle with roses on it!

Yay! Thanks for listening, y’all. I’ve figured out what I’m going to wear.  😀


Something interesting happened this evening. I answered honestly when a couple people asked me what I had been doing recently. I straight up told them that I have been working on getting a book of bathroom poetry published on Amazon. Seriously, I thought it was just going to be glossed over with a “oh, how nice for you”. Nope. As far as I can tell I’m going to have to take a box of books to autograph for several people at the Senior Center as soon as I can get things worked around to getting that thing on the print-on-demand option. I was also told that they wouldn’t want them as gifts. They want to pay for their copies!

Mind Blown

So that was an ego boost.  🙂


Alright. I’ve had time for the muscles in my legs to quit twitching from the torture. It’s time to take these tired tootsies to bed.

I hope you guys all have amazing weekends! I’m sure as heck am going to figure out a way to have some more fun.  😀




When’s the Last Time You Did Something Silly?

28 Aug

On purpose.

When’s the last time you didn’t allow yourself to step on a crack on the sidewalk. Or tip-toed along on alternating floor tiles in the grocery store?

Has it been years since you blew soap bubbles in the back yard? I bet your dog would love it. Toddlers and cats go crazy for those strange floating orbs, too. I can guarantee you will end up laughing at their antics if you blow some bubbles for them.

How often do you stargaze, cloud watch, and stare at the moon?

When’s the last time you danced in the rain?

As long as we’re talking about dancing, have you danced around to your favorite song yet this month? In fact, when’s the last time you did any kind of dancing?

Do you make time to watch the birds at your feeder, or in the hedge around your back yard?


All writers, artists, and ‘normal’ people should make time for such endeavors. 

I know I should more often.

They are good for the soul.


Here’s a little something to get you started.




I Did So Much Dancing My Feet Hurt

17 Aug

We had lots of fun, though.

My two-step lessons continued. My ‘instructor’ was having fun testing my following ability tonight. He kept switching direction on me, then grinning as I laughed while keeping step with him. Too much fun.

I got to snatch Lonnie (my husband) away from the ladies long enough to get two waltzes and a swing in through the evening…oh, and a rumba. I really like to rumba.  😀

Tonight’s snacks included cottage cheese, finger veggies, Rice Crispy Treats, carrot cake cupcakes, (really good) meat loaf, a couple kinds of jello, chips & salsa and a couple other things I can’t remember.

There were plenty of left overs. We actually got sent home with 4 squares of meat loaf, some rolls, and the last of a veggie tray. Guess that’s what I get for asking the Center’s President if there was anything I could do to help clean up. I’m not complaining. Lonnie had very little to do to throw together a left-overs dinner for the room-mate when he came home; and of course my midnight snack.

We brought an acquaintance along with us tonight. He has too much trouble getting around to dance, but he sure likes sitting next to the band and tapping his cane to the beat. The pianist came and asked me if he was my father (he’s old enough to be my grandfather!).  I told her, no, he’s just a friend. She said he was such a joy to watch, having all that fun just listening to them play. We got asked by a couple of people to be sure and bring him again. 🙂  He is a lot of fun, so there’s no doubt about that.

Oof, these feet are really telling me about it.  I’m going to find you something fun to watch, then head for my bed. You wouldn’t think people over 60 would have that much energy!  😀




Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head all through my dreams.  Oh, well, it’s a fun one.



Old People Are Cool!

16 Aug

A while ago I wrote a post about how my husband and I went dancing at the local senior center. You can read it here.

Well, now I am getting to spend some time with a bunch of old people and realizing, again, just how much fun they are. Last time we went dancing I was taught the simpler parts of the two-step by a gentleman in his late eighties.

Guess what?

He wore me out!

Some of the cool things about him?

He had been a train engineer!

He was fired 3 times by new managers, then hired back almost immediately to be introduced to the newer manager who had taken the place of the guy who had fired him. All 3 times!

In his younger days he attended a dance hall that had been converted out of an old air craft hanger. There were hundreds of couples there every night. He really lit up when he remembered dancing with one of the girls he knew back then. Said they were so good they cleared the floor. Everyone just stood back and watched them go.

He had spent the last decade caring for his wife who had a stroke that long ago. He finally got up the nerve to go to the senior center dance 6 months after she passed.


Another gentleman I met recently has some equally cool stories.

He had been in the Army Core of Engineers. Not trains, building stuff! He was part of the military that landed first, set up infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc), and then kept things going while everyone around them was fighting!

He had been a bull rider in the rodeo! Says bulls were one thing, but those broncos scared the tar out of him.

He spent over a decade caring for a debilitated wife, getting one real afternoon off a month. That was when one of her daughters came half-way across the state to sit with her mother for an afternoon while he did wild and crazy things like grocery shopping and pay bills.

We’ve told him about how much the senior center dances are. He’s all kinds of excited about dancing and a live band.


Then there’s the retired doctor I met a few weeks back.

He’d been in practice when it was still normal for a country doctor to make house calls.

He and his wife got bored one day, quit their jobs, and took a motorcycle trip from Washington state all the way down to Mexico and back. Sleeping on beaches all along the way.

He’d been raised on a dairy farm, but the moment he learned about the comforts of town life, he moved and never looked back. Said if he ever again picked up a pitch fork it would be too soon.

Come to think of it, he also cared for his wife after she became ill.

(Wow! When these men promised ‘in sickness and in health’ they really meant it!)


These men have been around the world a couple times each! They spent time in foreign countries, learning cultures, languages, and different ways of getting things done. Most of them have had more than one career, and are trained in all kinds of things. They are just waiting to have someone listen long enough for them to get one of their many stories told (and boy do they have some doosies!).


Stories aren’t just in books and movies. Everyone has a tale to tell. You can hear those stories for the simple price of a senior center dance, or a couple cups of coffee.

Before long you will realize that the old saying is very true.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

*            *            *




Has Your Brain Ever Done This?

7 Aug

So during dinner my plate was being stalked by a large, and strangely lackadaisical fly.

After waving it away for the tenth time and saying “Shoo fly” my brain wandered toward that scene in Encino Man where Link catches and eats the fly at dinner. lol

Well now I’m thinking of Brendan Fraser…and what’s like my totally, all-time favorite move with him?

Blast From The Past!

(It doesn’t hurt that it has a couple scenes with Captain Mal, either. 😀 )

So then I got to thinking about my favorite scene from that movie.

Off to YouTube!


I really, really want to learn how to dance like that!

Other great dance scenes?






I was going to do more, but that is a really big spider.





MMM… Dueling Violins, Dancing Military Men, and Johnny Depp!

5 Aug

I had a ton of fun taking most of Sunday afternoon to explore YouTube for Mirth and Music Monday. It was a bit of a chore to find things that were both funny and clean. But, I think I have pulled it off.  🙂

Yes, I know it’s 3 videos. I just couldn’t resist the middle one. It looked like they were having so much fun!








I hope you enjoyed my pickings this week.

&            &            &

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Surviving Camp Moose Creek pt. 3 – and Something Completely Different

1 Aug

Alright, here is the 3rd installment of the story I have been writing to post during this busy week.

I hope you like it.

Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!

*            *            *


Dear Diary,


The morning bike ride was grueling, and my backside may never be the same, but Wilbur came through for me. The moment we arrived back at camp I took a very winding path to the bathrooms by the lake. After ensuring the three stalls were empty I opened the antihistamines and took the first dose. It was a little awkward trying to cup enough water with my hands to swallow a pill, but it did the trick. I cannot actually smell yet, but just being able to breathe without making gurgling noises is a blessing.


I am not entirely certain, but I think the girl at the snack shack winked at me today. This makes me feel confused, and somewhat giddy. I think I will just wait and see what happens tomorrow.


Concerning the coffee: I have given up on obtaining a sample, it is just too heavily guarded. One hypothesis is that they fear that if the camp inmates were, in general, caffeinated they would loose all semblance of control.

I am still certain the camp workers are being dosed with something. It’s the end of the sixth day and they are still maintaining a ridiculous level of excitement, which must be extremely wearing on the typical human body.



Dear Diary,


Today I did something completely out of character. Upon getting into line for the snack shack I observed the girl smile, and while the camper in front of her tried to decide what they wanted, she gathered up my meager lunch and set it aside. I was still fourth back, so had plenty of time to watch her movements. What I saw was astonishing. Every one of her movements was fluid, measured, no wasted energy. Just graceful efficiency. This by itself was enough to gain my attention, but then I saw the most beautiful thing…she was wearing a Dr. Who t-shirt. This required more research. So upon arriving at the ordering counter and observing with satisfaction my awaiting order, I asked for a chocolate bar as well. This made her smile and she said, “Changing things up, are we?”

I responded that it was just a whim. She smiled again and got it for me in one swift motion. While she worked the register I asked which Dr. was her favorite. Do you know what she said?! Tom Baker. None of the Whovians at my school seem to even be aware that there was a Dr. before this last renewal of the series, but she not only has a favorite, she knows the actor’s name, and has a Dr. Who t-shirt!

I must have looked as flabbergasted as I felt, because she laughed and said, “Yup. I’m a geek.”


At my dinner run I was most disappointed to see that she was not there for the first time all week. I really hope our conversation this afternoon did not scare her off.


Oh, yeah, my cough has gone away, and I slept really well last night.


This afternoon the idea of sports took a positive turn when someone discovered a soccer ball at the bottom of the basketball bin. A boy with glasses and a retainer took the manual air pump to it. I asked him if he played soccer. He gave me an odd look, but said that it was the only sport he could stand. I told him that I felt similarly, and asked if he wanted to play a little one on one.

We went out onto the flag football field and kicked the ball around for what felt like just a few minutes. It surprised us when the bell for the evening campfire was rung.

We agreed to meet the following evening. Things are finally starting to not suck!


*          *            *

And now for something completely different!


Piano, dancing, kids, it’s like they took a bunch of my favorite things and threw them in a blender!


Juggling With Bowling Balls

8 Jul


I am barely keeping everything in the air. The slightest miscalculation and I could end up in big trouble. Pain seems inevitable.

And yet I continue.


Perhaps it is that the feeling of stagnancy makes me sluggish. If I can easily take care of everything on my schedule I get complacent, careless, bored. With multiple important projects in the air there is always something to be thinking about, something to be worked on, something to catch.

Yes, I have dropped one or two in the last couple of weeks, but really that’s just part of the learning process. I beat myself up over the dents in the floor, caught the balls on the bounce, and I am back to juggling. Not much harm (besides my ego), no foul (intended). Really, the other site has two followers so far. And my mother isn’t one of them. I haven’t had a view in four days… a bit of a bummer, but I just did an interview on Friday for Monday’s Did You Know… segment, so I’m a little jazzed about that. 🙂

For previous samples of my Did You Know… posts click HERE.

Last night I came up with another recurring post for the blog called 20 Dollar Weekend. This won’t come out until next spring or summer, since I will have to do a ton of research about what exactly you CAN do around here for a $20 date (not including gas). Not much from what I have learned so far, but I have hope.

Hope. There’s an idea.

Perhaps that is one of the biggest things that drives me so hard toward this spinning, reeling version of my future. Even in my future visions of myself I am not sitting around drinking pink champagne. I am busy writing another book, attending meetings, raising children, having dates with my wonderful husband, hosting teas for my various ladies groups, and planning our next three week vacation.

Oooh, vacations. I haven’t been on an official one of those since I was a little kid. It will be nice to afford to do a little travel…for fun.

I say ‘will’ because this will happen. Not in the ‘I’m going to sell a kidney so my kid can go to Disney Land’ sense, in the I will work my butt off so that in a few years we can relax about our finances and we can take a little time away from normal reality to be pampered and entertained.

That will be really nice. *mind wanders into the imaginary future*

*ahem* But in the meantime, I will continue to dance beneath my bowling balls, taking each project in my hand for a moment every day, then setting it free to be seen by the masses as it soars toward an apex of hope.

(Also in my dreams for the future I have a permanent Nanny McPhee 😀  Here’s what I’m talking about. )


I Went Dancing For The First Time In How Long?

22 Jun

Lonnie and I went down to the local senior center this evening. The sign says all ages welcome… So after I got a few things squared away at the house, and a couple errands run we were free to go have a little fun. Maybe.

I was wondering if they were serious about the whole everyone welcome vibe on their sign. Sometimes the sign or flier or whatever will say one things, and the feel of the ‘regulars’ says another.

After nagging for almost a week that I wanted to go, Lonnie practically had to drag me up to the front door.  We got to the door and the notice on it said that the charge per person had gone up to $5. Thankfully I had put a little extra cash in my purse on the way out the door, or we would have had to turn around there and then.

We get inside the ‘airlock’ and see a sign that reads something like: Voicing of religious and political opinions is strictly prohibited here at the senior center.


He shepherds me to take a couple more steps, and opens the door for me. *gulp*

I kinda side-step into the room, looking around at the half dozen couples foxtrotting on the dance floor. They seem nice enough. We are being looked at in almost a startled way, but no one is glaring or anything.

So far so good.

We no sooner get three steps in the door that a white haired woman approaches and welcomes us, with a fussing air of someone trying to remember how to do it. She was charming, but a little thrown by our arrival. So, it would seem, were the rest of the occupants.

Still a little nervous, I dig in my purse for my wallet and hand over the $10 while Lonnie signs the guest book. After I put down my signature, we are encouraged to take the floor and enjoy ourselves.

Folks, it has been at least 2 years since we actually danced. We tried a little two-step, something he learned in his youth that I had never tried until we met. We did a little foxtrot, managed a decent waltz, and even played with a rumba.

And you know what???

We didn’t stomp all over each other!

The steps were slow in returning to our feet, but we both held on to the idea that this was for fun, and laughed our way through the feelings of looking like we were just bumbling along. Which we were, but we had fun with it.

Through the rest of the evening several couples were introduced to us, and a few more came up and said hi all of their own volition.

I even had the pleasure of dancing with 3 of the old gentlemen. Which is exactly what they were: Gentlemen.

Lonnie ‘cut a rug’ with their wives, and it looked like they were also having a good time.

After the initial nervousness and feelings of uncertainty eased away it turned into a nice way to pass an evening.

They have a live band every week, snacks at intermission, and a really nice lounge area off which a hallway leads to the restrooms. I can personally attest that the ladies room was very clean.

We will be going back in a couple of weeks. Our schedule is a little full to attend every Friday, but we will be return whenever there is time.

*        *        *

When’s the last time you danced?

When was the last time you almost chickened out on something you really wanted to do? Did you chicken out and regret it, or did you stick through the fear give it a try? Were the results good or did they leave you in a soggy pile of despair and angst?

I wanna know!!! 🙂

(P.S. Yes, I know my tense is all over the place, but I’m just too worn out to straighten it all out. Thanks for noticing, though!)

My feet hurt! But I did have a lot of fun. :)

My feet hurt! But I did have a lot of fun. 🙂

I Dread You

19 Jun

I wake up in the morning and I know that you are there.

Without looking up I can feel your laser stare.

You whine and moan. There’s no getting around it.

Is there any wonder why I see you and have a fit?

Get off my bed. Get out of my head.

Why can’t you go bug someone else instead?

Your water bowl is not empty. It just isn’t full.

You have enough food down to choke a bull.

You want what you want, and you want it now.

It can’t happen another way, no way no how.

All your basic needs have been met.

You’re just a common house pet.

Nothing special. Nothing fine.

Everything around you really is mine.

I will get up when I want to, and that is that.

Now quit dancing on my bladder, you obnoxious cat!



Yup! Here's the culprit. :)

Yup! Here’s the culprit. 🙂