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#MirthMusicMon – That’s Amore

21 Sep

It’s waaay past morning on this Monday morning, but this time I have a legitimate excuse.

The entire household has come down with a cold.

So, my brain, such as I have left, has been spliced with what’s left of my husband’s as we attempt to take care of ourselves and baby’s first cold.

For the most part she’s being a real trooper through the symptoms; plays wonderfully in her pen right after a nap.

But the couple of times her sinuses plugged up all Hades broke loose. Mostly she just fusses and cries until she gives up and takes a long nap.

However, this has not abated her hunger for whatever is on my plate, thus I found it hilarious to find a video of a baby pulling her same shtick.

You might have to turn it up a little to hear the dad narrating for baby. lol


Kathleen goes one better now and will actually try to pull my arm down to where she can get hold of my fork.

Yeah, all kinds of cute until the tug of war ends with said fork-full all over the both of you.

Then it’s just Daddy laughing. 😉


To go with the Italian food theme, let’s try a little Dino.



OK, that’s it for me, Miss Crankypants wants some attention.

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#MirthMusicMon – Singing Your Punctuation

17 Aug

Ah, the tail end of summer.

The heat is letting up a little, harvest is well under way, and children are already complaining about the speedy approach of school days. I know, because I was hearing a couple siblings sharing their dread at a restaurant this evening.

I wonder how many parents can’t wait until the kids are no longer under foot all day, every day?

Oh well.

On to the real reason for this post: Mirth and Music Monday!

Something funny and something musical, and today they are both contained in one video.

Here you go:



There were tons of Dean Martin Show clips to choose from, but I thought this one would really appeal to writers and teachers alike. Or anyone who loves to watch two men laugh so hard they cry. 🙂


I hope to get another post out some time this week. Hopefully by telling you about this goal it will actually happen. Hopefully.


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Have a Great week!