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#mirthmusicmon – Balance

27 Jul

No matter how messed up the world is and you think that there will never be the perfect one, bare with it,

there is always a plan whether you see his or not.

I hope this picks up your day the way it has mine.


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No More Waiting On This Dream!

29 Nov

So after trying to find a way to fund one of our business ideas by ourselves we have finally come to the conclusion that we need to do some crowdfunding.

We spent some time talking with a couple of lawyers about whether it was a viable idea for us and this area, and they both gave us the green light.

Therefore we are going ahead with the fundraising.

It will be two-fold. First we will be raising enough so we can get incorporated and officially put the business together.

Then the second phase will be to raise enough capital to run the business through at least the first 6 months, but we’re honestly hoping for a year.

I really hope we can put this business together because by the time we have everything fully functional I will have office space (actual office space!) to pursue my writing career on a 9-5 basis.

I am also hoping that with some space to spread out and get organized we will be able to follow a couple of our other dreams. At this point they are other businesses, but we will have a place to jump from. This is going to be so awesome!

Plus, by the time we’re done putting this whole thing together we will have hired a business manager, a receptionist, and a part time janitor. That’s 3 new jobs created! Yay!

What’s the business idea, you ask? It’s going to be a success center.

What’s that? A success center is a place for work from home people to meet clients, hold meetings, and in general have a more professional front than their dining room table. It also works well for professionals away from their office, like when a realtor is showing a house in another town and his clients don’t have time for a half hour drive to his office. He can schedule an office at the success center and have a professional environment in which to explain the paperwork.

We also see a need for affordable space for CPR and First Aid classes, small conferences, or even someone trying to do their taxes without a toddler trying to ‘help’.

Right now we are just trying to raise enough to get incorporated, to get a bank account started in the company name, and register the business with the city, state, and federal government. These, and all the other gloriously tedious things, come with a lot of paperwork and a fee.

We’re not looking for a gold mine, just enough to get this show on the road.

You can help us either by donating or by helping us spread the word.

No demanding. No guilt trip. Just simply asking.


Here’s the link: http://www.gofundme.com/5i8j0c


Enough waiting. It’s time for us to seize the day, the dream, the opportunity.


I love Phineas and Ferb.¬† ūüôā¬†



Do You Dream At A Million Miles An Hour?

1 Nov

Does your mind buzz with so many dreams, ideas and thoughts that you feel as though you need a mental air traffic controller?

Do dreams come and build castles in your mind?

Do they come onto your inner world and just get bigger as they slowly reveal more and more details to you?

Does your imagination create people and stories faster than you can build worlds to contain them?

If so, then you’re in good company.

You’re just like me.¬† ūüėĬ†




(Pssst!¬† This is one of my favorite songs. ūüėÄ )



Learning to be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life

6 Oct


(I honestly can’t tell if some of these words are inappropriate for little ears or not. Sorry.)

This is something that’s hard for me to do.¬† Camera shy me has a hard time stepping into the spotlight of my own life.

As a writer, as someone looking to sell bags by booking in-home parties, as someone who dreams of other out there careers down the road, this concept should be a no-brainer. But it’s not. It’s not uncommon for me to have to tell myself to be the leading lady in my life several times a week. Because, I’m not usually acting like the movie of my life is actually about me. I usually only think of myself as part of the supporting cast (on good days. Other days I feel more like a makeup person, or a grip. Sad, I know).

What can I do to make myself remember that I’m the one who’s name is at the top of the credits? How do I maintain the perception that I am in charge of my decisions, good and bad, and that nothing positive will come about in my life without me putting myself into this important role?

First off, I have to get rid of the idea that other people have a say in my choices. The only person who could possibly have an opinion that carried any weight with these kinds of decisions is my husband. I have yet to hear him say anything about me slowing down or toning down my dreams and ambitions. In fact, he’s usually pushing me harder than I push myself. He believes in me so wholeheartedly it’s mind-blowing some days, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have even started on these roads if not for his promptings and encouragement.

Secondly, I should stop with all the excuses. A book on Amazon is not static. You have more than one chance to get it right. If I screw it up, oh well. I’ll panic for about ninety minutes then get down to making it better. When it comes to other business opportunities I need to make the decision, then jump in with both feet. The whole point of me trying to make money is to afford babies. I’m not getting any younger. Stalling and hemming and hawing is only going to push back all these time tables and just delay all my dreams. No more waiting!

Third, and last, I need to find joy in this role. I was the heroine in a melodrama some years ago. I loved every minute of it. Why is it so difficult for me to once again embrace that excitement, that wondrous control over the audience? Put me on a stage (with enough footlights) and I can do anything: sing, dance, flirt, swoon, almost anything the script calls for (Just don’t ask me to cry. I totally can’t pull it off. *eye roll*). I want to enjoy being me. For the most part I do. It’s just when I’m confronted with something to do with moving myself forward that I have stage fright. Perhaps I need to create a gutsy writer persona. Huh. Something to think about.

Basically, I need to embrace the fear just long enough to hog tie it and throw it in the closet along with my first draft editor. This fear has a place. It makes sure I don’t jump without a parachute. Not only do I have a parachute, I have a backup chute and a jet pack. If anything I may be a little too well informed as a first time author. I know too many of the pitfalls, too many of the horror stories. It’s time to chuck it all behind me and go for it. Throw caution to the wind and set sail for my dream island. (It has WiFi, chocolate, and plenty of books. ūüôā¬† )


Who’s with me?


Out Of Time? and I’ve Made Progress!

11 Jul

Victoria's Driftwood Wall Clock

Here the nights come.

There the days go.

Years whip by fast.

Moments seem so slow.

Grab each minute.

Make it count.

Your time doesn’t come

From an endless fount.


It’s strange. I can sit in front of a blank screen and sometimes a poem just comes to me, rarely do I have to struggle to find another rhyming word.

Other times I may as well be blowing soap bubbles with as much poetry as comes to mind.

As usual, this one just popped out. Like it or not. If not, wait a few days, you may like the next one that comes to mind. ūüôā


At the end of another day.

I was able to add another 3 1/2 pages to my current WIP.¬† ūüėÄ

I would give you an excerpt (yes I am that happy with it), except that the more I think about it, the more it seems I am benefiting from the fascination of having a project that is super secret. In some ways I am even in the dark. I had thought the plot was pretty well laid out in my head, but today my main male character decided to take matters into his own hands and totally threw things off for me. Now I seem to just be along for the ride. ūüôā

Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this writing pace. It seems to really help with the creative process to be sure to stay uber excited about what you are going to write next. Right now, though, my hands are still tired from the hour and 15 minutes it took me to write those pages. It’s a good tired, though. It makes me smile and remember my accomplishment.

Wishing you luck with your dreams.

– Rose D’Andrea



25 Feb

Well, I’ve found a blog post that echoes what I’ve been preaching to myself.

Time to step up and get things done. *sigh*

So, who’s going to handcuff me to my computer?

Some Day, a Very Dangerous Idea

1 Feb

How many times have you told yourself that you would do something ‘some day‘?

Some day I will visit Italy.
Some day I will learn Klingon.
Some day I will watch the entirety of Star Trek: Voyager.
Some day I will write a book.

Too many times.

(My some days are too far away for my comfort.  Especially since I have a very long list of things that I would like to get done some day.)

So, what are we going to do about this situation?  Sit around and continue adding to our never-to-be-checked-off list?  Give up?  Or get off our duffs (or in the case of writers, sit at the computer) and make things happen so that we can take those moments to enjoy our some days.

What do I need to do to get to my some day? ¬†Heh…A lot. ¬†I need to start earning money, for one. ¬†I also need to get in better shape. ¬†Get a passport. ¬†Figure out our new blue ray player. ¬†Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The first step, I feel, is getting the first of many books published. ¬†I have so many plans, thoughts, and figures, but nothing really finished yet. ¬†Occasionally I feel like a bit of a failure, but that’s where spending time with other writers comes into play. ¬†I had the idea that writers were a territorial bunch, but really we’re (for the most part) a friendly, helpful, encouraging set of people just trying to make it work. ¬†We realize that books don’t write themselves, and they certainly aren’t written over night. ¬†Spending a little energy cheering someone else on today, will come back to us next week when we realize that last chapter sucked, or our computer crashed taking the 3,000 words we just wrote to a binary grave.

After some thought, and research, I have decided to restructure the plans for my writing career.  Not really a total overhaul, but certainly changing a few things around, giving myself more time on the larger projects (seriously underestimated the amount of time these things would take!), and adding a few smaller projects between them.

To be honest it has taken a bit of the strain away. ¬†I still want to get a lot of things done in an unrealistic time-frame. ¬†But then that’s always been one of my biggest faults — expecting far too much of myself.

I guess we’ll see how the next few months go. ¬†Keep you posted.

*        *        *

Do I have a moral to this story? ¬†Uh, maybe. ¬†Let’s see…

  • Find a group of people who support you. ¬†It’s especially helpful if at least a couple of them are also writers.
  • Be flexible with your big life plans. ¬†You never know all the details. ¬†Sometimes that detour can be the best thing that ever happened to your writing abilities, and thus your career.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up, or to try new things. ¬†I never thought I was a very creative person until I took an essay class in college. ¬†It was there that I found out that I have talent. (Far from perfect, but then talents always need a little refining before they’re Awesome.)

*        *        *

What are some of your some days?

Have you expected too much of yourself these last few weeks?



Why Have I Started A Blog?!

3 Nov

Welcome to my first ever blog post.  I hope you like it.  Heck, I hope I like it!

This¬†post is not¬†going to be very long.¬† Because, being the world-class¬†procrastinater¬†that I am, I have just decided to do NaNoWriMo.¬† Yes, I know that it’s been going for a few days already.¬† My Mother is doing it, and so are people on my personal Facebook¬†and my Twitter.¬† Having been surrounded by the stress and tension of the preparations¬†I figured it would be better to wait for next year before losing my NaNoWriMo virginity.

Then I had an epiphany.  For years now I have been crafting a book in my head and not even realized it!  The revelation came out while one of my sisters was driving us back to her place after an Encouragement Meeting.  I have always been fascinated by not easily traceable poisons.  (Before you finish that thought, there has not been anyone in my life on whom I would use these!  In real life, anyway.)  All of a sudden a plot for a book unfolded in my head.  After rushing home I told my husband the basics of the story.  He agreed that it would be a cool book.  Then, being the wonderful man that he is, asked me if that was what I was going to write this month.  There he goes, pushing me to do things I want to do, but am too afraid to get started on.

So, now I am going to look up the website and see about getting started.  Poor you, it seems that for the first couple weeks at least you will be slogging through posts of me raving about how many words I did, or did not get written, where the story-line is going, and the impossibility of resisting my editing urges.  For your sake I will attempt to stay entertaining.

Things you may also read about as my life rolls along:

  • Getting my book of Bathroom Poetry ready to publish on Amazon
  • Reasons why I dislike our dogs
  • My half-written romance novel
  • How my cats have annoyed me this time
  • What I have been reading
  • Hypoglycemia, and how it’s kicking my butt this week
  • Ways I could make money in the future (A.K.A. Fairytale Land)
  • My world, as I see it
  • Interesting things as they happen

Thank you for reading this.  It really will help.  Really.  You see, I seem to do my best work when people are watching, waiting, and expecting me to be Awesome.  So, perhaps with a nice big audience sitting behind me, urging me to try, I will actually accomplish my dreams.

My Dreams Being:

  • Becoming a published author
  • Making actual money as an author
  • Buying a house (once we can afford it!)
  • Affording babies!
  • Doing some traveling (I want to go to Ireland, Scotland and Italy, as well as explore my U.S. of A.)
  • Being financially comfortable — and eventually
  • Financially Free

Well, this has been fun and all, but if I don’t get over to the NaNoWriMo website soon I’m going to find a way to chicken out.

Until Next Time!