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Uh, When Did Spring Get Here?

31 Mar

So, while I spent two weeks housebound with the flu, spring apparently arrived.  No email, no mailer, not even a Facebook event invite! It just snuck up on me!

So I grabbed a camera and took a stroll around the back yard.

Here are a few of my photos.

The pear tree is starting to bud

The pear tree is starting to bud








The apricot tree is blooming, too!

The apricot tree is blooming, too!








Another shot of the apricot blossoms

Another shot of the apricot blossoms








Now that is a very blue sky

Now that is a very blue sky








When my sisters and I were little, Dad was in the Air Force, and we were stationed in England for a while.  When our television was waiting for input it would turn a deep medium blue. Daddy would point to that screen and say that the sky in Idaho was just that shade of blue in the summer time. We didn’t think it was possible.

When we got back to the states, though, we spent hours on our backs pointing to the sky saying, “It really IS that blue!”

It’s amazing what we remember from childhood.

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I still have a cough, and get tired easily, but for the most part I think this flu has passed.  Now to get gung-ho about getting My Ignored Hamper And Other Bathroom Poetry onto the market. To the to-do list!!!  🙂

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Who Doesn’t Have The Flu?

29 Mar

The author of Mittens Kittens just perfectly described an ill blogger, in a humorous light. Talented. Enjoy.

Did Someone Say Something?

28 Mar

Question Marks 1 - Cropped

Yes, they said it wouldn’t be easy.

And it’s not.

Self-publishing is not the easy way out. That is, when you’re doing it right.

The easy way would be for me to just slap together the remaining details for My Ignored Hamper, not worrying about what’s not quite right, and just get it up for sale.

That’s not me, though.

I’m a detail person. Don’t get me wrong, I love the big picture, the coming up with the ideas, throwing concepts around, and all the creativity of the beginning stages of things. But, if I’m going to take the time to look at the details, spend energy on double-checking for errors, I’m going to do it right.

That’s what I’m doing now. Well, not right now. Right now I’m doing almost nothing because doing too much irritates this dang flu and then I just end up sleeping for the rest of the day. As soon as this dratted illness has run it’s course I will be back to reading fine print, squinting at photos, and dashing around the house looking for a likely person to ask “Does this look right to you?”

Until then I will be puttering around the house eating whatever looks good, forcing myself to read the rest of The Help, cruising Facebook, and killing time on Twitter; going nuts.


I Hate Being Sick!

20 Mar

But at least I’m not still green like I was Monday morning.  Now I’m cycling through pale, normal, and flushed depending on what my fever is doing at any given moment. Short story is: I’ve got the flu. Exhaustion, fever, sore throat, cough, then add the complication of me having hypoglycemia (opposite of diabetic, similar symptoms).

Because my body is burning so much energy fighting this illness I have to eat every couple of hours or I get a really bad headache, or worse. Worse is not an option, and is why I was green Monday morning.

Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who meant it when he promised “in sickness and in health”. He has been waiting for me most times I wake up with something to eat, a gentle hug, and “back to bed with you.” Yup, he’s a keeper.

Now let’s just hope this cough doesn’t get any worse, ’cause I already have a couple back muscles that are screaming at me over all the exercise.

What really stinks is that I was poised to really kick things into gear and publish this darn little book of poetry. I had a to do list and everything! It totally figures that the day after I get started on it I come down with something. *sigh*

Prayers and positive vibes are very welcome.

Here’s me hoping you all are having a much better week than me. 🙂