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MMM…For the Birds and Rockin’ Robin

18 Aug

Is it Monday already?

One of these years I’m going to get used to the fact that every week has one. *groan*

Here are my offerings for MMM (Mirth and Music Monday). It seems to be about birds. Huh, who would have thought I would ever get into some kind of a theme for a Monday meme. (lol)


This is a long-time favorite of mine.

There seem to be a couple of morals to this story.

Let’s see what you think.



Then we have one of my favorite oldies redone by The Muppets.



If you want to watch more MMM’s go over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She’s the one responsible for all this giggling on Mondays. Here’s The Link!

Don’t forget to check out the smiley faces on the right hand side of her page. The top one will let you follow links to other MMM bloggers, and the one beneath that will take you to snippets of stories by all kinds of different writers. They post their stuff on Wednesdays.