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Not Over Thinking It

9 Apr

This is a hard one for me.

All the what ifs, how ’bouts, and then whats start crowding in and I lose focus.

I lose focus of the fact that I just spent an hour on this project , and that I am making steady progress, and that writing a book (for most people) takes longer than a couple of months.

Things are going well, so why can’t I shake this feeling that I am light years behind where I should be?

Oh, well.

A couple doves in our old apple tree

A couple doves in our old apple tree





I Killed Them, Mama now has 203 bullet points, and the timeline is getting worked around to a more realistic arrangement. I am very happy with the results. Just wishing my inner critic could lay off for a couple days while I finish with all the fiddly details. Stopping the outlining now to continue writing it would be pointless if it turns out I have to spend three days copy and pasting because I had to move something around that would have been prevented by actually finishing the outline.

In other news:

Lonnie downloaded a photo editing program called Gimp that should make it possible for me to create a cover for My Ignored Hamper and Other Bathroom Poetry. Yes, he’s wonderful like that. 🙂  I haven’t played with it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m thinking of putting together three covers and letting my Facebook followers tell me which they like best.

By the way,

when I get up to 100 likes on my Facebook page I will release an excerpt from the reworked I Killed Them, Mama over there.

*    *    *

What do you do when you are making steady progress but feel that you’re not going fast enough?