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#MirthMusicMon – Halloween Fun!

30 Oct

My daughter turns 2 this winter. Do you honestly think cute pictures are the entire reason I’m going to brave the rain and take her trick-or-treating tomorrow? lol



A little something more:


Music…Halloweeny music…

How about this?


And, finally, because I really like this one too:



Enough fun, now, I have to go put all the ingredients for chili in the slow cooker so we have something warm and filling after a long day in the rain. Yum.

Hoping your Halloween rocks, that’s it for me this week.

If you liked what you saw, or didn’t but are willing to give the idea another chance, click HERE to go to the link up of all the bloggers doing #MirthMusicMon this week. (Thanks to the creator of this weekly idea, ReGi McClain!🙂 )

If you should decide to join in on the Mirth and Music Monday fun as a blogger you’re more than welcome. All you’d need to do is find something funny and something musical, create your post, then add it’s URL to the linky on the other side of the above link. It’s easy.🙂


It’s Halloween!!!

31 Oct

And I still don’t know what I’m going to do this evening…

Or what costume I’m going to wear.



While I scour the house looking for something to do and be, please be content with this hilarious Animaniacs meet Dracula cartoon. O.K.?





Maybe just a nice thick coat and a pair of butterfly wings?


How about Mrs. Clause?  You know, a dress, apron and Santa hat…? No, it wouldn’t really work if I didn’t hand out cookies. And I don’t have an elf to help sell it.


If I just wore what I usually do for cleaning the house I could go as the mom from Dexter’s Laboratory.


*shrugs*  meh


I could put blush on my nose, put several blankets on, and a box of tissues in my lap and go as someone with the flu.

No, I want people to talk to me, not avoid me like the plague.


I could put my hair up with pens, squeeze into my last suit that fits, grab a clip-board and go as a secretary.

Or put a massive wad of gum in my mouth and do my best impersonation of Fran Drescher (holy pickles! I spelled that right on the first try!!!) and I could be the secretary from, *ahem* heck.


That one might work.

But it could be hard to sell.

Even thought I was a reeeeally good secretary. (seriously, loved almost every minute of it.)


A seamstress?

A hobo?

A hippy?


This may end up being a last second costume rather than a last minute one.



I hope you all have fun tonight!



Wanna Watch Vincent Price’s Monster Mash?

30 Oct




Wow. We as humans really have been mean to each other over the centuries, haven’t we?

I hereby declare that the only murders we should be committing are those of fictional characters.  😀


I love Vincent Price. He’s most of the reason I ever listen to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Really, that song’s a whole lot of fun when you play it on a record, with Michael’s part up on the other speed. He sounds like a munchkin or a chipmunk.  lol

Then of course you have to slow it back down to normal for Vincent’s part.

So creepy it gives me chills.

Too much fun.  😀


So, are you ready for Halloween yet?

Or are you going to be one of those frantic people searching for those last couple parts to your costume?



Be Careful Who’s Thoughts You Ask About

25 Oct

How about a dialogue only little story?

Let’s see…


“What are you mumbling about now?”

“Nothing. Just thinking out loud.”

“That’s what I just asked. What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, just some things.”


“Like how come when it’s Halloween it’s all “Oh, look at all the cute kids in their little costumes.”, but then the rest of the year we’re just pests in their way?”

“We’re not exactly little anymore, ya’know.”

“You know what I mean. It’s just… what’s with the duplicity?”

“Ummm, I don’t know.”

“It’s the same kind of thing with Thanksgiving. All year long our culture is full of gimme-gimme, then we take a day or two to suddenly remember all the good things we have. Celebrating all the things we normally take for granted. We get together with all kinds of people we normally dodge, eat four thousand calories each, and then pass out on the couch. It’s almost exactly like Christmas.”

“What about Christmas?”

“That’s another time when we’re all supposed to be happy and stuff. Everyone is in a good mood because it’s the season of giving, but what about the week after that? It’s like the instant Christmas is over everyone is already worried about their New Years resolution and who they’re going to be kissing at midnight. All that fluffy, happy, glowy feeling is just poof gone.”

“Uhhhhh-huh. And your point is?”

“I don’t have a point. You asked me what I was thinking about, so I told you.”

“You sure did.”


Now, hand me my share of the candy, some pumpkin pie

and assure me you’re getting me something awesome for Christmas!


(No, I didn’t set out to preach. All I did was sit down to a blank screen and let my mind barf words all over it. There’s no intention of toe-stepping, or guilt trips.)


Here’s a little Halloween fun from The Muppets:



I think as long as the Carve-O-Matic was used correctly it could really come in handy this time of year. Too bad Beaker got it.


Poor little guy.


I wonder if he’s just like Kenny and they have a huge lab of clones just for such a purpose?




Getting In The Mood For Halloween

24 Oct


Yeah. Kinda how I feel about most children’s shows.


I love this song from Harry Potter. Kinda wish there was a longer version. If there is, I would really appreciate someone telling me about it.  😀




Man, I can’t wait until Halloween.

Even thought I don’t have a clue as to what I’m going to wear to the party…