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A Rant About Those Who Give Their Writing Away

8 Aug

Don’t get me wrong. I can see having certain works for free. Free is good. Free is awesome!

Just don’t expect me to give all this really hard work away for free!

You may have philosophical ideas about ‘art’ and believe that it should be available to all people from all places and all walks of life.


That’s you.

Not me.

I don’t intend on charging an arm and a leg, but I would like some compensation for the years that these projects are taking (not to mention that I’m learning the art of social networking, with a minor in internet marketing).

You may have written your heart out into a 90,000 word epic, then decided to give it to the world as a token of your wonderfulness. But I plan on making a career out of this. I am not doing all this just so I can say I got something published, or so I have something to tell the grand kids. I plan on making a living off my writing (and a couple other projects, but that’s beside the point). I can’t do that if I go around just giving it all away.


Now, I am thinking of writing a book of shorts to put up for free.



  1. I am curious to see what the outcome would be.
  2. I want to practice short stories anyway.
  3. It would be great advertising for my other works.


See? I’m not a completely selfish, money-grubbing Capitalist.


Is this making any sense, or am I just raving to the moon? :/

Is this making any sense, or am I just raving to the moon? :/


Ok, now that I have kicked a very big writing hornets nest, I want to know what you think.

Do you agree, disagree, hate my guts for bring it up?