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Dressing Room Diva – A Flash Fiction

24 Jan

“I can’t look.”

“Why not? It’s fabulous!”

“I can’t.”

“Stop covering your eyes and look in the darn mirror already.”

“Okay…  What the…!  How did that happen?”

“I told you.”

“Look at me! I’m hot!”

“See what the right clothes can do? Do you want to try on the next outfit we found?”

“No, I want to run around the store screaming ‘Look at me!’ Help me out of this jacket. If I look this good in California casual I want to see what that little red dress does.”

*            *            *

The next time I have a little spending money I fully plan on marching myself down to one of the local second hand stores and taking another look at their business wear. It was very tempting to try on those couple pairs of pinstriped slacks, but I knew that if they fit there would be a war between a sturdy, good looking, wear almost anywhere pair of jeans and a pair of black and grey slacks that would have limited wearing opportunities (can’t exactly help instal a bathroom sink in pretty black slacks).

Let’s just put it this way. I needed a new pair of jeans. I want a closet full of make-my-butt-look-awesome business wear. Soon enough there will be a call (and budget) for slacks and business jackets, but not right at the moment. As in most things in life: priorities.


Now I’m really missing that show What Not To Wear.

I wonder if it’s on Hulu?