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This Hangnail is Driving Me Crazy!!!

26 Jul

Now that I have that out of the way…


The only writing I accomplished today was adding a few paragraphs to a short story I’m thinking of using for blog posts next week.  I may actually stick with this plan, or I may pound out a several pager that will work even better (the night before VBS starts *eye roll*).  I’m never really sure about these things.


I was wondering why I feel so tired, but then I reviewed today’s events, now it makes sense.

Over the course of the day I’ve had a migraine, gone shopping twice, attended a meeting, read several stories to a niece, visited with two of my sisters, and helped my husband empty and defrost a deep freezer.  No wonder I feel so tired.  Turning in a little early sounds good.


Could the word ‘I’ have possibly been stuck in there a few more times?!?



I (lol) have a question for my beloved, eclectic, followers: if you were to steam punk a top hat, what two things would you consider essential?  Would you perhaps want a pair of goggles, or a small magnifying glass, a pocket watch on a chain, or is there something else which you would consider a steam punk necessity?


On another note…

Who here has read and loved a short children’s book called Sleeping Ugly?


And just for some amazingness:


Some people get all the coordination…   😉


Dear Migraine

2 May

You nauseate me.

You make my eyes hurt and feel cross-eyed.

You pull the emergency brake on my plans for the day.

You steal my fun, and cramp my style.

You are not nice, and I do not like you.

Please unfriend me, and forget my Twitter handle.

I am going to craw back into bed and pretend that you never existed.

With all animosity,

Rose D’Andrea


Pain in purple and orange