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Sunday Is A Good Day For A Sundae

10 Nov

I scream

You scream

We all scream

For i…


Yeah, that’s not original, is it?  😉 

Hmmm… What can I come up with?


Sunday is better than Monday,

Because Sunday is my day of rest.

Of all the days to have a Sundae,

Sunday is the best.

You ask me why,

And I will cry,

“I like Sundaes on Sundays

So I’m sweetened up for Mondays.”


That was almost too easy…


Here it is Sunday.

Please scoop me up a sundae.

For Sunday is a fun day.

It takes the edge off Monday.

And Tuesday,

And Wednesday,



Well, they’re not perfect, but they were fun to write.  😀 


I don’t really know anything about this group, but I really like their sound. From the looks of it, they may have redone a lot of my old favorites. This could be fun to ‘research’.  😉 




MMM… Tesla Coil Scene from Sorcerer’s Apprentice

21 Oct

It’s Mirth and Music Monday!  Wahoo!


I really like this movie. I also really like Tesla coils.

Not in the “I’m going to go out and learn how to make and operate them” kind of way. More like “I accidentally watched an hour’s worth of videos about them because they fascinate my little brain.”

Ooh, Look! Shiny!




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If you really like this idea, and you also have a blog, feel free to join in the weekly fun. 😀


Have a great Monday!



MMM… Scenes from Brain Donors

23 Sep


Where did the weekend go?

Oh, well. At least it’s Mirth and Music Monday.  🙂


With a lot of searching (and being very picky) I found some funny and clean scenes from Brain Donors, a modern day Marx Brothers parody.

Not a movie I would recommend for children, but one of my favorites.






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Happy Monday!!!



MMM…Kristin Chenoweth’s The Girl in 14G

9 Sep

It’s Monday!

That day when we trade Mirth and Music Monday posts in an effort to soften the harsh return of another work week.

*            *            *

I have my mother to thank for turning me on to this song. Every time I see something with Kristin in it I’m amazed by her voice and tiny-ness. How does someone who’s 4′ 11″ have a set of lungs like that?!


This one made me laugh, and I hope you will also enjoy it.



If you are still in need of cheering up, or if you have time for more interesting videos check out ReGi McClain’s blog. Hers is the creative mind that came up with this idea. Plus, on the right hand side of her site you will see two googly eyed blue smiley faces; click on the top one and it will take you to the list of bloggers who are playing along.

Give it a try. You might find another blog or two to follow.


Now I’m going to make a pot of tea, grab a pear out of the fridge, and see about writing a piece of Steampunk flash fiction.


Happy Monday, y’all!



MMM…For the Birds and Rockin’ Robin

18 Aug

Is it Monday already?

One of these years I’m going to get used to the fact that every week has one. *groan*

Here are my offerings for MMM (Mirth and Music Monday). It seems to be about birds. Huh, who would have thought I would ever get into some kind of a theme for a Monday meme. (lol)


This is a long-time favorite of mine.

There seem to be a couple of morals to this story.

Let’s see what you think.



Then we have one of my favorite oldies redone by The Muppets.



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