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#MirthMusicMon – Empty Seats and Cheerleaders

12 Oct

It’s Monday.

Therefore, time for Mirth and Music Monday!



My husband and I laughed out loud at this one.

Then he turned to me and said “I could see you doing that.”

Yeah, I totally would give someone a bit of flirty eyes…then spring the kid on him.


Serves him right.  🙂


The song is Pentatonix’s cover of Cheerleader.


Hard to do wrong with these guys. 🙂


Well, that’s it for me this week.

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Over The Shoulder Wizard – Flash Fiction

1 Feb

“What are you doing?”

“Watching you play.”

“Uh, why?”

“‘Cause it’s interesting.”

“Why don’t you get your own account and build your own character and play your own game?”

“Nah. It’s too complicated for me.”

“Then why have you been telling me what to do through this entire duel?”


“Thanks. Buh-bye.”

“Well that’s not very mumble mumble…

“Ah, silence.”


*            *            *

Backseat drivers, unwanted advice givers, and over the shoulder game players are annoying. No matter what the situation. It’s one thing to be interested in what someone is doing, and another to interfere with their thought process. You don’t know the whole situation. You don’t have the self-control to allow them to do things on their own.


Sorry, but there’s only so much of this a girl can take before blowing a gasket somewhere. That somewhere is apparently here. Which really shows how much I trust y’all.  🙂 


*            *            *

On another note, I had a wonderful afternoon out with one of my aunts. We went to lunch, did some shopping in second hand stores (where she bought a stack of books…seems to run in the family. lol), and then spent some time making my grandma laugh.

All in all a very good afternoon.

The evening was spent at a sister’s house at our Encourage Meant meeting. The first one since before Christmas. Only half the members could attend. *Boo*  Oh, well. We still had a good time and talked about how we had moved forward on our individual goals and even talked for a few moments about one that a couple of us are working on together.

Much fun and laughter was had by all.

Here’s hoping Friday is as productive and jolly.  🙂 





Sometimes It Sucks Being A Writer

18 Jan

I’m stumped this week.  For the past several hours I have been trying to come up with something to write, anything.

I got nothin’.

Not a single idea has stuck around for the second line. I can’t tell if I’m uninspired, my mojo is off, or what, but nothing is coming to me. Sorry.

All that is spinning through my mind is the refrain from a poem I wrote a few months back, over and over. It’s so sad, but thankfully has a happy ending. The poem, has potential to become a song. I can hear the tune in my head as the imagery, the fear and sadness gang up on me and make me want to cry.

This might be an ice cream and cuddles night.  😦 

Nights like this are when being a writer sucks. We bringing out our fears and play with them. We put words to them, keep them in safe places. Unfortunately, sometimes they come back to make us feel all that again. The fear. The sadness. The pain.

Years ago I was under the impression I was an emotionally tough person.

I’m not.





Do You Dream At A Million Miles An Hour?

1 Nov

Does your mind buzz with so many dreams, ideas and thoughts that you feel as though you need a mental air traffic controller?

Do dreams come and build castles in your mind?

Do they come onto your inner world and just get bigger as they slowly reveal more and more details to you?

Does your imagination create people and stories faster than you can build worlds to contain them?

If so, then you’re in good company.

You’re just like me.  😀 




(Pssst!  This is one of my favorite songs. 😀 )



Would Tears Help?

29 Oct

I was in a decent mood until you said that. The perfect sentence to pierce through my shell, my armor, my stronghold.

Only you have that weapon. Only you have that power.

Five or six words, said in the wrong tone, on the wrong day, and I am a puddle of tears. Wondering why the sun stopped shining, why my heart hurts, why I can’t breathe.

The one who holds my heart, my love, my world, has said something just right to turn my world on it’s ear. West is now down, red is now blue.

How does one cope? How do you recover?

I realize those words were not intended to harm me, that this day, this part of the month, this time, is really the culprit. It still hurts.

My tactic is to avoid you, no eye contact, speak when spoken to. My hurt and confusion are in the way of thought and logic.

Tears? Would tears help? Would they release this pain? Would a wet pillow and a pile of crumpled tissues ease the tightness around my heart?

I don’t know, because this time I did not crumple… on the outside.

This time I used distraction, a change of scenery, a change of tasks to dissuade the oncoming deluge. Being honest, though, I think a release of tears would have eased this suffocation. Letting them flow, in secret. Letting it go, to leave me in peace. Instead, I tried to contain the pain. I thought I could control it. But it did nothing but color the rest of my evening with a mist of sad, sad blue.



Even with all my over-active emotional life, I’m Still Into You.  🙂