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Writing and My Groove

8 Apr

Oh my gosh! A post about writing that references the Emperor’s New Groove! You gotta read this.

Random Acts of Writing


“I’m sorry, you have just thrown off the emperor’s groove!”

There… that is it, I have made it back in my groove. You know, those writerly ruts you have forged, keeping you on the path to your writerly goals.


“Now I feel really bad. Bad llama”

We all have those moments. The ones where no matter how excited we are about our WIP, and no matter how much we know about it, we just can’t seem to get into the actual writing of it. Maybe it is our Muse saying she is on holiday. Maybe it is just us, loving the idea and afraid of what will come of it. Who knows, but what I do know was I didn’t even realize I had managed to get out of my groove. I was struggling to form new ruts, down a dark and lonely trail.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I…

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Who Doesn’t Have The Flu?

29 Mar

The author of Mittens Kittens just perfectly described an ill blogger, in a humorous light. Talented. Enjoy.

25 Feb

Well, I’ve found a blog post that echoes what I’ve been preaching to myself.

Time to step up and get things done. *sigh*

So, who’s going to handcuff me to my computer?

Reblog – First Draft Composition: A Focused, Directed Vision is a MUST

17 Jan

I read this post when it first came out, but it’s like I’m reading it again for the first time. Mostly because it’s exactly what I need to hear right now. I’m kind of panicking over writing a larger part for a small character in this romantic/suspence, when all I really have to do is add a couple diary entries to what I’ve already written. Why does the brain have to make this stuff so difficult?!?

So, for the next couple of writing sessions I am going to do my best to just concentrate on the next few words, instead of the entire darn book.

  • Do you need to narrow your view of your current work in progress?
  • Have you been spending too much time thinking about your novel as a whole rather than how you’re going to draft your current scene?


Creative Writing with the Crimson League

If you’ve been following my posts this week–especially those of the last two days–especially yesterday’s, The Post NaNoWriMo drag, and a previous one about inspiration not striking as I’d like–then you know I’m struggling to make progress as I try to wrap up a first draft I’m working on, the first one in a new series about my fantasy world of Herezoth. I’m just feeling overwhelmed by all the directions and possibilities, and I’ve noticed a pattern to my panickings/uncertainties:

  • Where do I take the next book? I have a particularly couple, the princess and a guardsman, I’m trying to bring together but it doesn’t seem entirely feasible and I have no clue how their storyline is going to end. And never mind Herezoth’s war with Esclavay! Do I have one kingdom invade the other? Keep battle maritime? I know NOTHING about warships/sea battles! I’d have to do so…

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