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I Have Lost My Black Book

23 Jul

One of the worst things that can happen to someone who uses many social media sites has happened to me: I have lost the black book that contains my list of passwords.

I don’t know where and I’m not sure how, but it’s gone.

The last place I remember holding it is when I decided it was too heavy to take with me on the roadtrip in early June. I took it out of the suitcase and… blank.

It will be found. It must. I am just waiting for that forehead smacking moment when I either wonder why I didn’t look in that particular place to begin with or ask myself what I was thinking ever putting it there.

Until that glorious day I will be limited on my range of social media movement.

And believe me, the moment the thing is found I will be making a copy of that info and putting it in my sock drawer!


And here’s a little something for a laugh: