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A Kick in the Pants

30 Nov

There’s this old saying that goes something like “Even a kick in the pants is a step forward”, and it’s true. That stumbling step you take after something less than gently bumps you from behind is still forward motion.

Let us hope that this forward motion creates some kinetic energy in my projects, because I need to keep moving. Need to. No more excuses.

I know that I have had this kind of a pep talk with myself before, but never have I had the kind of deadline as I do now.

A child.

My first child is due some time after the middle of January, and I must have certain projects rolling and producing before her arrival. No more pity parties. No more procrastinating. There is no more time.

It must be possible to create something that produces a decent amount of income in the next few weeks.

So here’s a loose game plan. Today: Strategic Planning. Tomorrow: Implementation. We have been talking of and planning for several things for quite a while. It’s time to turn the ignition switch and put a couple of these in gear.

Let’s go!

*        *        *

Who kicked me in the pants?

K. L. Schwengel


Bob Mayer


Thanks you two. If I can’t get things pulled together and marching onward it’s not for your lack of motivational-ness. 🙂


*        *        *

How about you, my reader? Have you been throwing yourself a pity party, stupid paper hat and all? Have you recently pulled on your work boots and trudged through your pile of excuses headed toward victory? Or have you finally triumphed over your seemingly endless diatribe of inner excuses to reach the top of your hill, uh, goal?

Please share. I’m dying to know. 🙂


And finally:

Dear Excuses,

I regret to inform you that your presence is no longer required.


– Rose D’Andrea






Thanks, But I Don’t Need Any Help Procrastinating

6 Nov

There are some days when it feels impossible to get anything creative written. You are mentally and maybe even physically running around getting a bunch of little things done. You’re knocking down that non-existent to do list of things that don’t have to be done any time this week. You may even be getting tons of stuff written:

Shopping list

Random to-do list

Before-I-Publish list (even though you already have 3 versions of it)

Christmas list (what you want, what you think others might like… then what you can afford to give them)

Invitation list to your 90th birthday party

Your top 10 favorite super heroes

A letter to your distant cousin living in Guam (do I have a cousin in Guam? I’ll have to check.)

Anything but what you have decided is your highest priority writing project.

I know how you feel. I have gotten to the end of today and realized that I have effectively wasted the entire day. The one check list that could have kept me on track — never written. Yeah… And tomorrow is pretty much a wash. Wednesdays are always so full and busy that all my creative juices have been sapped by trying not to do something stupid in public.

And why is it, that you can sit at the computer for an accidental 3 hours of a favorite game and never think twice about chores around the house. But the moment you think perhaps this would be a good time to pound out a couple hundred words the entire house rises up and demands your undivided attention? This needs dusted. That needs cleaned. The windows need wa-  Nah, the windows never have any kind of distraction appeal to my subconscious. It’s never that desperate.

Then there are the dogs. They could have just come in from going potty, but the second I sit down with the actual intention of doing something worthwhile they start doing their outside dance. grrr   How do they know??? Any other time I sit in front of my computer they couldn’t give a flying peanut what I was doing.

So right now, I am sitting in the living room, typing away, with my novel-writing thunderstorm chewing away at my hearing ability, and a hood over my head, trying to block out the beckoning siren calls of the tasks that need my attention. (thankfully my husband already threw the dogs out for my blog writing session.)


Why is it so difficult to convince our brains that now is the time to get this project moved forward by a couple pages? Why are there times when we would almost prefer oral surgery to simply sitting down and finishing writing that chapter?


I think it may be time for this little writer to do a quick refresher read through her favorite book on controlling procrastination tendencies, then her favorite book on writing efficiently.

*sigh* Perhaps one of these days I will be able to write a book in six months, but apparently I have a little ways to go before that happens.

Oh, well. Tomorrow is a new day, and perhaps it won’t be as tiring as usual. Perhaps I will get home in time for a power nap, a snack, and an hour sitting at my computer working on one of these amazing books I have stored in my mind.


It could happen.




Yeah, kinda like that. Although, not usually to that extremity.


*            *            *

What kinds of things do you procrastinate with?

Do you do it consciously, or unconsciously?

Do you have a wonderful cure all method for getting your stuff done?



MMM… Procrastination – The Musical

30 Sep

Hey, look what I found for your Monday.

A song about procrastination called Procrastination to watch while you’re procrastinating. Wow!



(pssst! While this one is family friendly, not all of their stuff is clean and child appropriate. I would recommend caution when cruising through their videos.)


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Happy Monday!