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Excitement and Fear

4 Dec



Please take me away

Away from here

I’ve been thinking too hard

To the point of tears

It’s all so exciting

And overwhelming and scary

I wonder if I can do it

To pull it off

Make it work

The road is not clear

The path is not set

No sheet of instructions

No list of to do’s

When I am not elated

I feel like I’m drowning

In over my head

So eager to fly

But wanting a net

These feelings are so contrary

They are opposites

Yet merry bedfellows

The one is rarely without the other

Excitement and fear

Today was fear

Tomorrow, who knows?



The Wind and the House

21 Nov

The wind besets

The starlit night,

Around the house

It frets.

The great grasping hands

Moving here and there

As though searching

For something long lost.

Moaning and shuddering

The house resists,

Disallowing all breach

And entry.

The trees quake

In the winds path,

The wind chimes

Tinkle and jangle

a discordant protest.

But the house

will not be moved.


Twilight silhouette.