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Drama Follows Me

4 Jun

I have something called Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Many family members on my mother’s side of the family have hypoglycemia. I was the lucky one (not) who drew the short straw, and gets to pay extra close attention to the amount of sugar, simple carbohydrates, fruit, and certain vegetables that I eat.

Eating carefully, and frequently through the day is a big part of managing this…condition? And boy can you tell when I need to eat.


  • I have a short fuse.
  • Everything is difficult.
  • Everyone is an idiot.
  • Everyone is wrong.
  • The sky is falling!

Hand me a few baby carrots and a couple servings of cheese and I’ll be right as rain in 20 minutes. Just try not to say anything remotely inaccurate in those 20 minutes. I’ve tried to control my tongue while swinging low on blood sugar, it doesn’t work well. Sorry.

But just so you get a humorous picture of what my poor family (mostly husband) has to put up with on a regular basis, here is a little audio/visual example.

(some of my friends and family may also agree that this little video could apply equally to the typical ‘Terrible Twos’ sufferer)


This Thorn In My Side

26 May

It hobbles my day.

It haunts my night.

I’ve found no cure,

No end in sight.

This is my plea.

This is my plight.

I strive each day

To win the fight.

And live each day

With all my might.