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This Book Is All Mixed Up In My Head

18 Dec

It’s so confusing.Title  I Killed Them Mama in yellow on purple - cropped

The story in I Killed Them, Mama makes a scary kind of sense when I look over the bullet points. It’s all there (except to figure out where exactly the new love interest makes his appearance [the first time] in the book). Now I just have to write it. *sigh*  Yeah,… right.

Like that’s so easy.

I have pretty much decided that I’m going to have to skip the first chapter. There are too many thoughts about how this should go. They are fogging up my mind and keeping me from moving forward. So, that will be left for a much later date.

I really hope this whole novel writing thing gets easier after the first or second book. If not, I’m kinda doomed.

It’s not as though I don’t absolutely love to write. What’s getting me is the amount of time and thought that’s already gone into it. My ever fertile imagination has already figured out most of the next book. If I did a little searching I would probably find that I have a third lurking on a back burner of my subconscious.

I just want this one to be done, so the other(s) can get done, too.

What I really want is for all of you to read them and tell me what you think. I want hundreds, thousands of people to enjoy some coffee, a cookie, and another chapter of my novel. To know that I provided several hours of absorbing entertainment.

The knowledge that eventually others will get to experience the thrills, what-ifs and uh-ohs that this character goes through… That is what keeps me from just hitting delete on the whole project.

Let’s just hope I can get this thing written before I’m old enough to order from the senior menu.

Dear Mama photoshop #2 - cropped

*            *            *

As a side note on another project:

I have created a cover for My Ignored Hamper and other bathroom poetry.


I really like it. Yeah, it’s not the most amazing cover on the planet, but it’s what I envisioned for this stage in it’s life.

Getting it up on Smashwords will not take much more now. I just want to give the formatting another check over before uploading.

You want to know something else?

I’ve decided this book of poetry will be free on Smashwords until I get it uploaded on Amazon!

My reasons? 

First off, I have never gone through this process before. So the formatting may have to be twitched with over a few days to make it come out right. I just wouldn’t feel right about asking someone to pay for something that’s potentially that far out of whack.

Secondly, I would like to request than anyone who is even remotely curious please (after it’s up) read and review it. The only beta readers this thing saw were relatives. I would like some truthful responses. Although, a spoon full of sugar to help soften any blows would be greatly appreciated.  🙂 

*            *            *

Alright. Now back to re-reading the Smashwords Style Guide.  So exciting.




I Remember This One As ‘Green Glass Beads’

20 Nov

When I was little (and still today) my parents had the most amazing hoard of books. I remember sitting on the floor, or curled up in a corner of a couch reading stories, admiring illustrations, pouring over poetry. I remember us all piled on my parents’ bed as mom read The Secret Garden, doing all the different voices. Accents included. I remember dad reading My Side Of The Mountain to us, a chapter at a time, at bedtime. To this day those two books are still among my favorites.

I also remember mom reading a poem about green glass beads to my sisters and me. A little while later, I went on a hunt to see if I could find the poem hidden inside one of the many books stashed throughout the house. I finally found it. The drawings and the words once again captivated me.

Now, I’m all grown up (reluctantly), and I still search for this poem. This time, on YouTube.



Is it any wonder I love reading and writing books and poetry?

It was all around me growing up. Some of our favorite books were those thick books of poems by Shel Silverstein. Especially Where The Sidewalk Ends. Then of course there were the many Calvin and Hobbs books which could take up many hours of a rainy afternoon (so many big words to learn!). Even with all the other books surrounding us, we also found time to simply flip through the pages of random tomes from the encyclopedia collection. All sorts of wonderful things to learn in one of those.

I think most of us four girls memorized a certain poem by our mother. The one I am thinking of was published in a little booklet from her college. It’s about 3 men in a tub…in the sea. It always makes me smile and sometimes even giggle.

Perhaps I’ll ask her to let me put it on here. Although, the more I think about it (and I have been thinking about it for several months) the more I would like to have that poem in the fore matter of my book of bathroom poetry.

Something else to ask her about.  🙂 


Afternoon Adventures

17 Nov

I can hear him shuffle across the floor as he comes to answer the door. His face breaks into a huge grin when I holler, “Hey, Jay! How’ve you been?”

“Not bad. Not bad. Yourself?”

“No complaints.”

He chuckles with pleasure as I walk over the threshold.  I stop in front of a half covered couch, dropping my coat where he gestures. “Don’t mind the mess, I’ve been unpacking.”

“So you did manage to get to Vegas. How was it?”

“It was a lot of fun. Won twenty bucks at craps, and lost it at the roulette table. The only bad thing about the trip was my nephew’s driving. He gets to talkin’, then suddenly he’s got his knee holding the steering wheel in one place ’cause he’s talkin’ with his hands, too! In a way I’m glad we only go once every six months. Gives me time to recover from all that adrenaline.”

I laugh while pulling the phone out of my purse.

“Let me get you somethin’ to set on.” Pulling a pillow from the end of the couch he sets it on one of the chairs at the dining room table. “Did you need somethin’ to drink or anything?”

“Thank you, Jay, I’m fine.”

“Alright. You need somethin’ you holler, Okay?”

“Will do.”

I wait as he makes his way to the chair a little way around the table from me. With a bit of a grunt he lowers himself into his seat, and says, “Now if I recall correc’ly he had just moved the gear and horses to another place, and was real’ worried about them havin’ his son and the girl.”

“That’s it exactly. Let me find it…” The phone comes to life as I unlock it, and scroll through the apps to the reader. Pressing the image of the book cover the screen changes to the page we had left off last week. “Chapter twelve.”

“Oh, good. Lay it on me.”

Laughing, I begin to read. “There was no blood anywhere on the sand. He felt sure he could have seen it on the white sand if there had been. No blood…no shots…so there probably had been no fight.


*            *            *



*The book is a western by Louis L’Amour called Brionne.

Yes, it’s a good one. We read it in six weeks.  🙂

Our next book is going to be The Shadow Riders.

We can’t wait for next week.


The Hidden Benefits of Reading

14 Nov

I love to read. Really should be doing more of it, actually.
So here’s a reblog that reiterated that for me, and perhaps inspire you to keep reading (and trying to Be read).

WordServe Water Cooler

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I read in order to avoid writing. There. I said it. I read at stoplights often enough that my children have to point and say, “Green. Green! GREEN!” in increasingly frantic tones, just before the rude non-reader honks come from the cars behind us.

I read while I wait for my children and while I brush my teeth. Just last week, I read on my daily walk. While passing my oldest daughter’s home, I understand that she pointed out the window in disbelief. “Nick!” she called to her husband, “Is that lady really reading while she’s walking?! Oh. It’s my mom. Why am I even surprised?” Once, I even read 43 pages while in the dentist’s chair.

As it turns out, my reading habit might be one of the best things I can do for my writing.

Read to Inspire

We all know…

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I Forgot How Much I Like Good Fantasy

23 Oct

Good fantasy.

My favorite books in my teens were The Hobbit, almost anything written by Madeline L’langle, and Terry Pratchett’s work is still at the top of my favorites list.

I think what burned me out was trying to read not-so-good fantasy one too many times. Now for years I have been under the impression that it’s just not my ‘thing’.

Until I read The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

Then The Key of Amatahns (Argetallam) by Elisabeth Wheatley

And now I’m reading No Angels: Keep the people safe by any means necessary by Eli Hinze

All of them are a little (sometimes a lot) brain bending… in a good way. They’re just enough out there to bring you out of your own mind and preconceived notions and drag you into the story. These are ladies who are now at the top of my list of Authors To Watch.

Basically because

I’m totally fan-girling out on their stuff!

And so is my husband!!!

If we both think these are good books, that’s got to count for a huge thumbs up from the critics.  🙂


Nice job ladies. Keep ’em comin’.




Blood Suckers

25 Sep

ReGi McClain has agreed to write a guest post for my little blog! Yay!
To show you why I think she’s cool enough to write something for us to read, I give you this very short story. I giggled when I read it the first time, and again after looking it up tonight.

Enjoy! 😀

ReGi McClain

Eezzz surveyed the young. Mothers shamed by the birth of sons ushered the boys away. Eezz made a mental note to personally give her condolences to each of them later. Males were, after all, necessary to produce more females, like it or not. When all the males were gone, she spread her wings and flew into the air.


Every female within hearing distance snapped to attention. Eezz smiled down on them. A swell of pride filled her. As the longest surviving of all females, she recognized greatness when she saw it. These ones, she thought, they are all survivors. They will all fulfill their destinies. But they needed instruction. And inspiration.


The girls roared lustily, the hizz of their voices startling nearby prey.

Eezz let the excitement of the moment boil its way through their exoskeletons and settle into expectant silence before she went on.

“Today you…

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#ShortStorySaturday – Keep Your Enemies Closest – Part 3

24 Aug

Yep. Some time in the next day or so I’m going to have to find the time to read the two previous installments of this story. What I’ve read so far seems pretty cool, though.
What do you think?

A Keyboard and an Open Mind

Today’s installment of Keep Your Enemies Closest is a bit longer than most – if I had realised last week, I would have just made the effort to edit the next three paragraphs and then finish that excerpt at the “~*~”.  As it is, it was about 700 words before I could find a good spot to stop. So bonus for you! If you’re new to my Short Story Saturday posts, you can find some background on the universe in which the story is set here, and here are parts one and two.

If you have a short story you would like to share, come hang out on the linky and see what others are sharing as well. Thanks to Ink and Papyrus for hosting us! And now without further ado, on with the story!


Now that he wasn’t trying to appear imposing, Captain Gallivan took the time…

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TPG reviews: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, by Neil Gaiman

23 Aug

OK, I read this book review when it came out. It really makes the book seem interesting. Has anyone else read The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, and would you recommend it to someone who is easily creeped out? (although I think some of the creep factor could be toned down if I read it aloud to my husband. Things aren’t as scary with him around.)


P.S. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming on…Saturday.

Tomorrow is just too busy to try and get a blog post together.


How To Fill A Blank Brain

20 Aug

My mind is empty.

Really, it’s blank.

I must do something

to refill the tank.

Just writing and writing

can empty a soul.

I will find inspiration,

fill up my bowl.

*            *            *

What do you do when your mind is spent?

Your creativity has been sapped;

the feelings of wonder for your art are drained?


I have been a bad girl.

I have only seen 2 movies in the last 30 days, and can’t remember if I’ve actually finished reading a book in that time period.

There are at least half a dozen unread books on my Kindle PC, but to be truthful, none of them are really grabbing me and demanding I read them.

Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of reading material has passed before these eyes in the last several weeks. Articles about social media, blogging, marketing, writing…proofreading my own blog posts. Even entertaining posts by blogger friends! (My poor head is spinning with facts, ideas, should-dos, and how-tos for getting a book launch together.)

Just no books, no T.V., and only 2 movies. (Pony rider, and RED 2. Both fun movies, just not enough.)

I couldn’t tell you why. It just hasn’t happened.

Perhaps I should take a couple days away from the computer (away from research, social media and the blog) and see about refilling the batteries.

Like a mini vacation for the little writer inside me.

Maybe I’ll watch some anime with my husband, reread a Georgette Heyer, work on my photography, and get some sunshine. With this wrist still not wanting to do anything strenuous I can’t swing on the swings at the park, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a book and sit under a tree and read while listening to little kids have fun on the merry-go-round.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you high and dry. I would take some time to put together something entertaining to hold you over for those couple days. I’m not sure what exactly, but just that challenge would be an interesting distraction.

*            *            *

Tell me, what do you do when your cup of inspiration is empty?

What do you do to fill it back up?

*            *            *

Well, it has a bowl at least! So it kinda fits with the theme of this post.



They’re cute and entertaining anyway. (Still don’t want one, though. We already have plenty of pets!)


Release Your Imaginative Inner Child

1 Jun
It may look like an old flatbed trailer, but to a child's imagination it could be anything.

It may look like an old flatbed trailer, but to a child’s imagination it could be anything.

When I was young we stayed with some family for a year. It was an interesting time in my childhood.

You see, my great-grandfather (on my mother’s side) had been a farmer. So on that piece of property were all kinds of old junked out equipment for us to turn into cool toys.

There was a huge piece of galvanize steel pipe. Tall enough that we could walk through, and just long enough to shelter the four of us when it rained. Because heaven forbid we should go inside for something as piddly as a spring shower.

There were old abandoned kitchen chairs which could be fixed up just enough for us to use in our little hide-out on a tiny island in the center of the small swamp. We were all light enough at the time that we could walk along carefully flattened trails of grass and cattail reeds. Anyone weighing more than about 90 pounds would have sunk nearly to their knees in insidiously sticky swamp water.

One of the more versatile ‘toys’ was a large, wooden flat bed off an old trailer. Long gone were the tires, and the frame sat pathetically on the ground, but to us it had limitless potential.

This old trailer became anything we imagined, and because it was old and friendly it did it happily. Through an average week it was the bridge of a pirate ship and a star ship, the stage for a sappy opera, a raft adrift in storm tossed waters, and a hospital ward.

We got good use out of that old thing. And if I’m not adding too much anthropomorphic flare on it, I do believe that old trailer enjoyed being a part of our play.

Today I am boggled by the average child’s lack of imagination. Where is the old game of “The floor is Lava!!!”? Do they even play cartoon freeze tag anymore? Are they even allowed to play pirate anymore? I’m pretty sure Cowboys and Indians has been ruled Politically Incorrect.

What will our future books and movies consist of? How would our young fare if a sun flare knocked out their game consoles?

Enough with that rabbit trail. My main point is…

Writers need an active imagination. So it is important to exercise it on a regular basis. No, I am not suggesting you get up a game of tag with local eight year olds. (they would likely label you as something which could get you in a lot of hot water)

I am suggesting that you find animals in clouds. Think through strange What If situations. Read as often as your busy adult schedule will allow. Anything that gets your mind thinking of something besides normal, every day…stuff.

Give it a try. What can you lose? A few moments of your time? At least they might be happy moments.

Or not.


Here’s to the boundless imagination and creativity of childhood, and may we never let it go.

*        *        *

What were some crazy things You got up to as a child?

Have those memories or skills helped you in your adult life?