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My Blog Vacation Report And An Announcement

25 Aug

It was a very good vacation from blogging. It was kind of freeing to spend a few nights just picking out cool stuff written by other people and telling you why it intrigues me.

But now, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

First, I want to tell you a bit of what I did to refill my mental bucket of inspiration.

I started reading Northanger Abby, by Jane Austin

I got back to reading Regency Buck, by Georgette Heyer

I took some photos of an incoming thunderstorm…in a cemetery

I played round after round (trying for perfect scores) of Grub Guardian

I attended our Encourage Meant meeting and discussed a few possibilities and ideas with my girls

I watched a few episodes of Kekkaishi (an anime my husband and I like)

Lonnie and I went to the Senior Center dance and had a blast

I went shopping with a sister and her two little ones, then we all did lunch

I spent hours talking with my husband about random thoughts and subjects

I went over and spent an hour and a half with my grandma and an aunt (laughing most of the time)

I cheated on my diet and snuck in a few frozen fudge bars

I started working out again

Yeah, it’s been a good week. 😀

*            *            *

Now for the announcement.

Tomorrow I will have two blog posts. The first will be my regular MMM (Mirth and Music Monday). The second will be the cover reveal and a blurb for Laura Oliva‘s new book What The Body Needs. I figure it’s a big enough deal, since she is a very cool friend of mine and I really liked her first book, that it deserves it’s own post. That and the cover isn’t exactly the most…four year old friendly image. But mostly because she has been a good enough friend that I want to help her in any way I can. 😀

On that note: Here’s a link to her first book All That Glitters on Amazon.

*            *            *

Here are some of the better photos I snapped on Thursday.

I just couldn't resist stopping to take a few photos as the storm started rolling over the landscape.

I just couldn’t resist stopping to take a few photos as the storm started rolling over the landscape.


Here's that storm from a slightly different angle. It's a little closer now.

Here’s that storm from a slightly different angle. It’s a little closer now.


These lovely petunias were growing at the base of the flag pole in the cemetery.

These lovely petunias were growing at the base of the flag pole in the cemetery.


Happy Sunday, y’all!


The World Is Blurry

10 Jul

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I can’t come up with a poem without very specific inspiration.

I know. I just tried.

That’s the title up there…alone and lonely.

My world is currently blurry. My eyes are fried after staring at the computer all day. I’m proud of myself though. I got almost everything caught up and done.


I have started reading a book titled Writing In Overdrive: Write Faster, Write Freely, Write Brilliantly, by Jim Denney.

I haven’t even read half of it, and I have already figured out why my muse is silent about I Killed Them, Mama. I need the wrap up to go faster. As it currently stands the whole second half of the book could easily be summed up into the last chapter.

And I need something…else, something more to happen before the, er, wrap up chapter.

I don’t have it figured out, but at least I know what the problem is and can now address it. 🙂

I was also able to sit down for a full hour and turn my half page of a new book into three and a half pages. I then read it aloud to my husband and got a good response. He even laughed at something I hadn’t realized was funny until he reacted. 🙂

So, all in all it was a pretty good day.

Besides having to skip a posting on the other blog. Something to play catch-up on tomorrow. Except that tomorrow is pretty much full of family…hmmm. My life is getting complicated.

I already got up before my alarm this morning, and did not get my customary nap, so staying up late to get the other blog up to date is out of the question. I will just have to find time on Wednesday or Thursday to make it happen. The world will not spin off it’s axis. California will not fall off into the sea. I will survive.




Or will I???


A Silly Poem, and I Found an Interesting Site Called Peevish Penman

26 Jun

I went on a spreeMy tea cup 1

and drank too much tea;

Now I have to pee.

Please excuse me

While I go see

If the bathroom is free.

OK. Now that that is out of my brain, here are some interesting blog posts I encountered today on www.pevishpenman.blogspot.com:

To Sell or to Buy? Shifting Books ain’t easy

Building Your Reader Army

3 Ways to Inspire People to Buy Your Book

I just discovered this blog today (Icy Sedgwick [ @icypop ] tweeted the link to the first one). I have added the site to my favorites and will be checking back a time or two a week. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂


I Love Playing On Swings (And How It Translates Into My Writing Life)

15 Jun
Huh...You can see me taking a photo of me in the shadow of me. ;)

Huh…You can see me taking a photo of me in this shadow of me. 😉

I love to swing on swings. Always have. Hopefully always will.

There is something so freeing about flying through the air, with the wind in your hair, and the sun shining down of you. It’s lovely.

It kind of made me think, though. In swinging you have ups and you have downs.

Much of life has ups and downs. Good and bad. Easy and hard. Fun and boring.

Let’s talk about the fun and boring part.

Fun stuff is…well, fun.  Boring stuff…is self explanatory.

And they are both relative.

Where I would be bored almost to tears sitting in a financial planning seminar, someone else could be totally jazzed about the potential of applying it to their life, or business.

And where I consider it fun to sit around all day reading old romance novels and drinking tea, others would find it mind-meltingly dull.


But that’s not where I really wanted to take this post.

Where I wanted to go is: I think I may be something of a ‘muse’ writer. And right now, my muse is very silent.  Not cool.

Talk about ups and downs? This is a down in my writing.

It doesn’t help that my computer is in the living room, the main thorough-fare for the house. It’s pretty hard to really get into what you’re working on when you’re 10′ from the front door, the dogs want out and in again, people want to know what you’re working on (grrr), and all you can think about is the state of your kitchen (which is sitting two rooms behind you. Staring at the back of your head).

Perhaps this season of my life is learning self-control?

Learning how to say “Please don’t bother me. I just finally got comfortable and have actually written 5 sentences that don’t suck.”

Learning to ignore the kitchen’s accusing stare, and making myself actually schedule dish washing times.

Learning to write when the muse isn’t forcing me to jot something down.

Maybe it’s a season of learning instead. Huh.

?        ?        ?

Are you in a season of learning?

Have you learned something about yourself recently that could be a helpful lesson for the rest of the class?

P.S. there isn’t another room for me to put my computer. The router is in here, and my WiFi thingy is broken on this poor old thing, so it’s in the living room so I can have internet. Can’t take it outside, either. The battery is shot. It must be plugged in while it’s on, or it won’t be on for more that five minutes. :/  Yeah, replacing the writer’s computer is one of the first 10 things we’re going to do when one of our projects comes through for us.

*sigh* Until then… Patience is being drilled into me. lol

At least I can go swinging when it gets to be too much! 😀

I may be a grown-up, but that doesn't mean I can't occasionally act like a kid.  :)

I may be a grown-up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally act like a kid. 🙂


WIPpet Wednesday – The Queen of Bears, Maybe

12 Jun

This WIP could be interesting.

I liked the ‘child friendly’ version of Snow White and Rose Red that was in one of our fairy tale books growing up. This looks to be a much more involved telling.

I look forward to reading ReGi’s progress.   🙂

Just Me, Reading And Writing

16 May
Following the plot points toward a finished novel. There's still a long way to go yet, but it'll get there. :)

Following the plot points toward a finished novel. There’s still a long way to go yet, but it’ll get there. 🙂

I spent an entire hour in front of the computer for two days now, working on my book I Killed Them, Mama. Out of all that writing I am happy with a single page. One page! *grrr*  I will keep plugging away, but that was disappointing.

On this same note, as an incentive for more likes on my Facebook page I have decided (a while ago) to post a new excerpt there when we have reached 100 likes. So far it has not made much of a difference in things, but we will see what happens.

*      *      *

In other news on that book, I was reminded of the existence of that pretty flower called Digitalis. This could be the poison she uses to put her Father-in-Law out of his misery…maybe a mix of that and antifreeze? Or perhaps using Vitamin A overdose to get him to the doctor for a checkup, the digitalis to make his heart/blood pressure a little funky, then a good dose of antifreeze the day before his cardiogram?

Just thinking out loud here.  More research is definitely needed.

*      *      *

After several days of pointedly setting aside half an our to read it I have reached the 407th page of The Help (out of 522 pages).  It has picked up. I am now rather invested in what happens to Minny, and curious whether Hilly gets what seems to be coming to her. This could get interesting… 🙂

The Stack of Books Beside My Bed

10 Nov
  1. Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki
  2. Dodger by Terry Pratchett 
  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  4. The Quiet Gentleman by Georgette Heyer
  5. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

We won’t get into the shelf of books that sits above my bedside table.  We’ll just concentrate on what is in easy reach of the reclining Rose.

You may have noticed that two of the Authors share the same last name.  That is not by accident, they are married.  Robert and Kim Kiyosaki have made it their mission to teach people around the world sound, but seldom thought of, advice for ethically acquiring wealth, and then making your money work for you.

Rich Woman is half autobiography and half how to start investing.  Kim writes in a way that is easily understood by the female mind (not that we are inferior in any way to the male half of the species.  It’s just that at times it takes a different set of words to help us absorb things.).  I really appreciated her candid admission to fear in the early, and not so early stages of her investment career.  I also enjoyed reading her advice and Q and A in the form of a series of lunch meetings with a group of her friends.

This is in no way the only book you should read before attempting to create a real estate empire (or any other investment you might choose).  This is just a very easy, and much appreciated read about the reasons and emotions, that surround us as we try to fight centuries of males dominating the financial world (without man-bashing, she is speaking more toward our own perceptions than anything else), and why the very things that make us feel unable to start, are usually our best reasons to start.

I have read it twice, and perhaps I will read it a third time, if I get the inclination.  For now, though, it will continue to be one of my frequent browsers.

Dodger is a fun novel that is covered in grit, full of knives, mud, and street urchins, but full of heart.  I have rarely met a Terry Pratchett book that I didn’t instantly love, and this one is another one for my favorites list.

The character of Dodger is so full, so genuine.  Sir Terry has once again created a wonderfully realistic world, this time in Victorian England.  I have yet to finish this book.  I have decided to (for once) take my time, and savor every last word of this delicious novel.  And, from what I have read so far, I think you should, too.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is also half autobiography, half how to wrap your mind around different concepts about money.  I think this is an excellent book to start with if you intend on reading any of Robert’s other works.  This book will help you understand the emotions and reasons behind Robert’s wanting to teach us these money and investing tools.  Rich Dad Poor Dad is an easy read, but has so much to offer, that I would recommend that you plan on reading it again a couple months later, just to be sure you caught it all.  I have read it twice, and it is still on this table, within easy reach.

          The Quiet Gentleman is still there, because the title makes me smile when I think about the character it refers to.  Being totally honest, the first few pages had me second-guessing whether I would be able to read the whole thing.  However, those first difficult scenes give perspective to the plot, showing you the minds and routines that our hero must change if things are going to improve.  Then there is the fact that someone is out to kill him.  Watching this ‘Quiet Gentleman’ handle these situations with such calm grace had me wondering what Georgette had in store for the end, and I was not disappointed.  This book is now one of my many favorites, alongside The Unknown Ajax, also by Georgette Heyer, which I bought from Amazon at the same time as The Quiet Gentleman.

          The Mysterious Benedict Society was a book I picked up in Wal-Mart.  In the close-out selections of the craft department was a wayward paperback with an intriguing illustration.  As my husband searched, for whatever we were there to purchase, I became engrossed by the back covers almost cryptic description.  Between the cool cover, the perfect hook on the back, and the fact that it almost felt like destiny to find a fascinating book in the crafts department, I just couldn’t put it down.  My dearest husband took one look at my starry-eyed expression and had only one question. “How much is it?”  I looked, and printed on the back cover, above the bar code, $6.99.  Smiling, he said “Alright, I found what we need.  Let’s go, Bookworm.”  So, with his arm around my shoulders, we headed for the checkout, and we bought a good book.

I used it over that summer as my Watering The Garden Book.  I would take it out back with me and read it as the sprinklers chick-chick-chicked away.  The poor thing has been forgotten over night and rained on, been dropped in the dirt and stepped on, more than once I held it with one hand and read while holding a sandwich in the other.  Amazingly, it still looks almost like the day I found it!  When did they start using Kevlar for book covers?

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a very good title for this story.  It is very mysterious, with plenty of twists and turns.  You are following the adventure of four children as they try to unravel a plot that could have disastrous results.  They just have to figure out what this evil plan is first.

I am now reading it a few pages at a time aloud, every night.  My husband and I stare at computer screens all day long, and this book is a great way to get our minds off the scrolling information that is still spinning through our minds.  What intrigues my husband is the fact that he has yet to guess the next step.  He has no idea what is coming, and because it’s been over a year since I read it, there are many details which I have forgotten.

Although technically a children’s book, this plot has tons of depth, and the wording is in no way juvenile.  In many ways, it reminds me of the way that the Harry Potter series draws in people of all ages.  It may be a children’s book, but it is by no means just for children.

There they are.  My bedside table stack of books.  I love every one of them for different reasons, but equally.

Until Next Time…

What books sit on your bedside table?

Preparing To Add Another Page

6 Nov

Well, Did You? 😉

Late last night I came up with an idea for a new page on my site.

So, if you all don’t mind I am going to start reviewing random books that are offered for free on Amazon.  You might think that is a cheap thing to do.

Well, it is.

You see, I am broker than broke.  I am doing all this work (writing, editing my work, not nagging my beta-readers, building a social network) so that I can eventually make money, buy a house, make babies, and not have to worry about money (too much).

I am in no way saying that money is the only reason I am doing all this.  I have been working on my first book for over three years, just finished writing 32 poems for a book of bathroom poetry, got a late start on NaNoWriMo, and have many other projects that are slowly cooking in the back of my mind – Because I Love To Write.

I have also always loved to read (although my mother would tell you that it wasn’t exactly a breeze to teach me how).  So it’s a natural progression to go from reading good books to hopefully writing good books.

With my love of reading in mind, I have downloaded a copy of Love, Lies and High Heels, by Debby Conrad.

Thank you, Ms. Conrad for offering your book for free.  If I hadn’t seen the blurb about it on Twitter and been intrigued by the title, I might not have come up with this idea for quite some time.

Hopefully I can get it read by this time next week.  No guarantees though.  I may be broke, but I’m also busy.

*          *          *

NaNoWriMo Word Count Update

As of my latest writing session I am up to: 3379 words

The plot thickens, the ideas boil,…hmm, now I’m hungry.

*          *          *

One thing you will learn soon enough, is that I am a terribly, horribly, chronic night owl.  This disorder is further compacted by the fact that the only person in the household who has a normal job is on swing-shift.  Therefore if the rest of us want to have any real socialization time with him, we have to be on a schedule close to his.

So, if you post a funny, witty, or urgent message, please do not be offended that I don’t respond by noon.  I will get back with you.  Just on a different schedule than most other Americans.

Until Next Time…