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Can I Write A Post In Half An Hour?

11 Aug

My husband has given me a challenge. I’m not sure I can do it, but here it goes.*            *            *

Have you seen very many old westerns?

Have you noticed how the good guys are usually in white hats, and the bad guys are in black hats?

Why isn’t it that simple in real life?

*            *            *

If you know how to view life the right way, people are very entertaining. This is probably why I really like people watching.

After picking a good comfortable spot with lots of foot traffic, it’s easy to pass an hour or so just watching as people go about their day. Good things happen, bad things happen, small funny things happen all the time.

Although if you forget to put things in perspective, every little thing that goes wrong can ruin your day and you don’t have the chance to watch other people because you can’t keep your mind off yourself.

Not a good place to be. You don’t laugh nearly as often.

*            *            *

Today as I was exiting Wal-Mart with my little bag of acquisitions, I dropped my sunglasses. And of course, as always, that one lens popped out. So I am standing there between the two sliding doors, bag in one hand, purse on the other shoulder, right wrist still tender, trying to pick up sunglasses and a lens. People walking all around me, ignoring my little plight. For a fleeting moment I thought I had help coming in the form of one of their cart wrangling attendants. Nope. He was just on the way out for a smoke. Didn’t even look down.

Do you know what my thought was on this situation?

I would never have had this happen to me at my favorite mom and pop grocery store. They have the best employees. They have nice people frequent their store. I would have had half a dozen offers for help before I had even figured out which hand to use to pick up those dratted sunglasses.

I like that little store. They’re not as cheap as Wal-Mart, but on the other hand…I have a much better shopping experience there. So for me, it’s worth going to the little locally owned store.

*            *            *

Woops! I have just enough time for a once over edit (making sure none of my typos spelled or implied something dirty. Happens more often than you might think. *eye roll*).

Might be able to squeeze in time to find a cool video for you. Might.

*            *            *

How ’bout some Ella Fitzgerald? Her voice always makes me smile.

Besides, this song kind of goes along with the people watching I mentioned. 🙂