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How To Keep A Writer Entertained And Happy

26 Nov

This is just a short list of things you can do to help keep life with your Writer a little more comfortable for the both of you. Whether your Writer is your wife, room-mate, sister, daughter, or strange person who comes over in her sleep to use your computer, using these tips could make things a little easier.

(Disclaimer: Every Writer and situation is different. If you discover that your Writer does not like any one of these tips please discontinue its use and attempt to find a suitable substitute. Also, the Writer is referred to as ‘she’, this is simply because I am a female Writer and have no knowledge of what it is like being a male Writer. Sorry.)

  1. Keep her surrounded by books. Preferably from her favorite genre or author, if not, just be sure it’s not drivel.
  2. Make sure you do not interrupt her supply of coffee, soda, apple juice, gin and tonic, Twinnings decaf English Breakfast tea (or, you know, whatever she drinks).
  3. Chocolate is always welcome, especially while really buckling down to get stuff done (rather than staring at the wall thinking about what she is going to get done…).
  4. Allow her to keep her environment the way she wants it. If the room is too cold for her to work comfortably, let her bring in a space heater; if she needs things to be quiet, put the pets and kids in another area of the house; if she needs to have no interruptions…
  5. Do not be suicidal. This one is a little more tricky. It includes things such as asking how the ‘writing thing’ is going today, then walking off before she is three words into the answer. Or peeking over her shoulder to watch the words appear on the computer screen. It doesn’t matter how mild mannered she is, you have just died a horrifying death in her mind… repeatedly. Please refrain from such actions so that she does not have the urge to act on these imaginings in the real world. Prison time could really interfere with her ‘writing thing’.
  6. Hugs. Some Writers need a lot of hugs (from the right people/person). There are several universes competing for face time inside her head, and she is working really hard to remember which one is ‘reality’. Hugs help her remember.
  7. Encourage her to occasionally take a little time to watch a good movie with you. This could include: Princess Bride, Star Wars, Thor, Beauty and the Beast, Sabrina, The Avengers, Quigley Down Under, Labyrinth, Hotel Transylvania, The Blind Side, Captain America, etc.
  8. From time to time you may find that it would be in her best interest to help her leave the house. On these rare occasions (such as Christmas, family vacations, and her annual physical) you may need to ‘encourage’ her as she leaves the house. Don’t be alarmed if this results in claw marks in the door jam. A little buffing and that’ll come right out.
  9. You may occasionally need to be a sounding board. If your Writer feels the need to talk about her work in progress with you, please listen. She most likely just needs to hear something aloud so as to clarify it in her mind. Also, please do not be offended when she spaces out in the middle of a sentence and rushes back to her computer. You have helped, really.
  10. When you do interrupt her creative flow, please be sure that it is for a worthwhile cause, such as: the house is on fire; one of the kids needs to go to the emergency room; those sirens mean a tornado is coming and we all need to get into the basement; and the most important one of all “Dinner is ready”.

While this is just the tip of the ice burg, I hope it will help keep your life and relationship with your Writer on an even keel.

Lovely tea.  :)

Lovely tea. 🙂


Most of these are meant half jokingly,

but there is at least a little truth in all of them.



Hungry, Hungry, Always Wanting More

7 Jun

How many kinds of hunger are there?

Hunger for food, power, knowledge, money, love. Any number of things. And how often is that hunger filled? You can get full of food. I know I have hit the wall on knowledge a few times. (Overload *head explodes*)

Full up on Love, now that is another matter. We all need love, whether we want to admit it or not. Love keeps us sane. Love teaches us empathy, sympathy, how to care for another human being.

Feeling loved is something that is hard to describe. It can be a warm feeling that fills your body, a liquid sunshine that radiates joy through every cell of your being. It can be utter relaxation as you snuggle into bed beside your partner (especially when he throws an arm around you and pulls you in a little closer. Heaven!).

Not feeling loved is another thing altogether. It can actually be painful, an overwhelming, gut-gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach. Or an ice hot marble that rolls down your spine when you finally work up the nerve to say it for the first time and the recipient takes a moment before responding. Whether their answer is positive or negative, there is still that moment of terror at the thought of being rejected.

That’s just romantic love.

What about love for a parent, love for a child, a sibling, a friend,…a car?

I love my car. Our Buick is a wonderful vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, is comfortable to drive, and handles the freeway like a dream. I love driving it.

I love driving a stick-shift, too! Oh. My. Gosh! do I love driving a stick-shift. I didn’t hardly know what a turbo-charger was until I borrowed my husband’s (fiance at the time) fun little sports car a couple of times. Love…yeah. Shifting down to pass a tractor, shifting back up to take off after getting back in your lane…*gasp* all that glorious work to get back to fourth after a stoplight…*drools*. Yes, I love stick-shifts. Especially when some punk kid revs beside you. *cackles*

–ahem— yeah, I should be careful. He reads this blog.

lol I don’t speed (anymore). I just leave them in the dirt on my way to the speed limit. Then let them pass me, keeping my finger crossed that there’s a cop in the next corner, because they are going a little fast to compensate for having been dusted off a light by a girl.

Where where we???

Yes, love.

I love to drive.

I love to eat! As long as it’s yummy. Yummy food is…er, yummy.

I love to get hugs from good friends.

When I was young I was really shy. But there were the occasional times when I got interested in things enough to leave the doubts and second thoughts behind. This happened one morning at Church when an older couple I had never seen walked in (I say older, but I was like 14 at the time). I walked up and gave him a handshake and her a hug. It was instant love. She gives the worlds best hugs. I kid you not, the best. I informed them there and then that whatever they were doing otherwise that this was now their Church. They have attended ever since.

Love is necessary to a full and happy life. To love and be loved. If you are not giving love to someone then you are missing out on one of life’s treasures. Loving someone is a true adventure. There are plenty of times when that person will annoy the living tar out of you, but you love them, you choose to continue loving them. Even while resisting the urge to hold a pillow over their face. You have made that commitment. Stay committed and you will reap some amazing rewards as the relationship just gets deeper and deeper. There will be rough patches, maybe some yelling, and certainly some way too quiet days. Just hold on. It will get better if you are both open to the fact that someone was hurt, you both feel like crap, and you need to find a way to communicate through the pain and defensive guilt.

Love. It is a feeling. It is sometimes a choice. It is necessary if you are going to truly sample the wares of this thing called The Human Existence.

Here’s the link, in case the video won’t play on here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf5SDKcfFkU