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#MirthMusicMon – Rhett & Link and Baby Updates

9 Feb

It’s another Monday as of 20 minutes ago.

How time flies when you’re feeling disoriented.

I need to make out a to do list. It’s been several days and I still have not transferred our (correct) answers from the ‘practice’ financial aid paperwork to the ‘let’s send this out’ paperwork. Hubby left it in my trust Friday…and now it’s early, early Monday morning and I haven’t even opened the folder.

Bad girl.

But, on to something that will make us laugh and hum.

Here we go!

Today I have found a delicious combo of Rhett & Link videos. If you don’t know who they are you are missing out on some seriously off the wall, geek/nerd music and humor.

Let’s try this one:



Now for some music:



Yah, only a few of those actually make my skin crawl. Mostly the gum tape, the backwards toilet paper, and the pills taken out of the blister pack out of order. Apparently I’m more of a numbers and patterns girl. Strange, considering math is my archenemy.


Wow. I just totally nodded off for a moment.


Baby Update!

(For those of you who have no idea what that means you may want to read this post as well to get the whole story.)

My baby girl is two weeks old now, and in one of the world’s foremost children’s hospitals’ Newborn Intensive Care Unit. This is where she has been since the day after her birth. This is where they diagnosed her with a small, but highly dangerous heart defect. The valve that allows blood to flow to her lungs was much too small, and the muscle of the chamber behind it (that pumped the blood through) was much too over developed in an effort to force blood through such a small opening.

They did the heart procedure a few days ago.

She is doing better this week. This morning when I got into her room she was silently crying away as the nurse changed a poopy diaper. I got her calmed down just as nurse was finishing up. The nurse turned around to deal with the dirty one and baby girl deposited more goo into the brand new one. She almost looked proud of herself. Until the nurse began changing her again, then she got really mad. lol

She was silently crying because of the intubator, which Cardiology requested she be weaned off Monday. So hopefully I will hear my baby squall the next time I witness a diaper change. That would be nice. πŸ™‚

They have taken her off morphine and only administer Atavan (another painkiller) on an as needed basis. So now she is actually looking around, trying to make eye contact. Poor thing keeps smacking herself in the head/face with the arm that is all wrapped up because of an IV. She has a very mild black eye on that side because of the bumping and rubbing. She keeps trying to get this same hand into her mouth.

That’s another thing, she is still giving the cues that she wants to nurse, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult for us to start nursing when the medical staff deem it advisable. Which will hopefully be soon after the tube is out of her windpipe. I don’t know, though.

They are currently feeding her breast milk through a nasal tube, and probably an IV solution of some sort (there are so many tubes and wires it’s hard to tell. I’ll have to try and remember to ask on my next visit). I was told today…Sunday…that they will increase her feeding amount because she is tolerating my milk very well. They were originally worried about over-stressing her body by distracting her blood into spending too much time in her guts. Not sure how that would affect her breathing and heart, but whatever.

I was informed that they are lowering her prostogadin again. That’s…something to do with her heart. I think it’s the stuff keeping open the lung by-pass tube in her heart that is supposed to close after birth. But with her heart recovering nicely and her lungs doing well they are feeling more confident that she could be ready for it to close. Hopefully her body is ready for these changes. Last time they tried some of this her lungs baulked and they had to reintubate her.

The staff was rather impressed by how much of a fight she put up over the process. Of course, it doesn’t seem that they see very many full term babies there. My little stinker looks almost like a giant (6 pounds, 11 ounces at birth) compared to her two roommates.

Hopefully having the tube out of her lungs will make it easier to get her transferred from the bed into my arms. With the pumping schedule I’m on and the amount of food my body is demanding now I only have about an hour with her at a time before I have to go put more milk into bottles and then eat, again. I don’t remember how long it took to get her into my arms shortly before her surgery, but it was a process requiring three people. O.O

And before you think I’m wasting away at her bed side please know that the place where I am staying has cool arrangements with or donations from local zoos, colleges, and philanthropists for free or majorly discounted entry into some pretty amazing places. Saturday I took a few hours with another family and toured the aviary here in town. I got pictures of some royally ugly birds. And a pair each of bald and golden eagles, and some parrots, etc.

Later that evening I attended my first piano concert. He played all three parts of the Moonlight sonata.

Oh, one of the cardiologists told me to expect Little One to be here for another two to four weeks as part of her heart comes back from insane bodybuilder status and gets out of it’s own way.


Oops, nodded off again.

I think it’s time to wrap this thing up and get some sleep.


If you would like to see who else is playing along with Mirth and Music Monday this week click HERE.

That is also the link to where you will submit your link if you decide to join in on our merry Monday game. πŸ˜€


Have a Great week!


P.S. Please excuse any misspellings of medical stuff, Firefox is no help, and neither is my phone’s spell check.



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