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Preparing To Add Another Page

6 Nov

Well, Did You? ūüėČ

Late last night I came up with an idea for a new page on my site.

So, if you all don’t mind I am going to start reviewing random books that are offered for free on Amazon.  You might think that is a cheap thing to do.

Well, it is.

You see, I am broker than broke.  I am doing all this work (writing, editing my work, not nagging my beta-readers, building a social network) so that I can eventually make money, buy a house, make babies, and not have to worry about money (too much).

I am in no way saying that money is the only reason I am doing all this.¬† I have been working on my first book for over three years, just finished writing 32 poems for a book of bathroom poetry, got a late start on NaNoWriMo, and have many other projects that are slowly cooking in the back of my mind ‚Äď Because I Love To Write.

I have also always loved to read (although my mother would tell you that it wasn’t exactly a breeze to teach me how).  So it’s a natural progression to go from reading good books to hopefully writing good books.

With my love of reading in mind, I have downloaded a copy of Love, Lies and High Heels, by Debby Conrad.

Thank you, Ms. Conrad for offering your book for free.  If I hadn’t seen the blurb about it on Twitter and been intrigued by the title, I might not have come up with this idea for quite some time.

Hopefully I can get it read by this time next week.  No guarantees though.  I may be broke, but I’m also busy.

*          *          *

NaNoWriMo Word Count Update

As of my latest writing session I am up to: 3379 words

The plot thickens, the ideas boil,…hmm, now I’m hungry.

*          *          *

One thing you will learn soon enough, is that I am a terribly, horribly, chronic night owl.  This disorder is further compacted by the fact that the only person in the household who has a normal job is on swing-shift.  Therefore if the rest of us want to have any real socialization time with him, we have to be on a schedule close to his.

So, if you post a funny, witty, or urgent message, please do not be offended that I don’t respond by noon.  I will get back with you.  Just on a different schedule than most other Americans.

Until Next Time…

Why Have I Started A Blog?!

3 Nov

Welcome to my first ever blog post.  I hope you like it.  Heck, I hope I like it!

This¬†post is not¬†going to be very long.¬† Because, being the world-class¬†procrastinater¬†that I am, I have just decided to do NaNoWriMo.¬† Yes, I know that it’s been going for a few days already.¬† My Mother is doing it, and so are people on my personal Facebook¬†and my Twitter.¬† Having been surrounded by the stress and tension of the preparations¬†I figured it would be better to wait for next year before losing my NaNoWriMo virginity.

Then I had an epiphany.  For years now I have been crafting a book in my head and not even realized it!  The revelation came out while one of my sisters was driving us back to her place after an Encouragement Meeting.  I have always been fascinated by not easily traceable poisons.  (Before you finish that thought, there has not been anyone in my life on whom I would use these!  In real life, anyway.)  All of a sudden a plot for a book unfolded in my head.  After rushing home I told my husband the basics of the story.  He agreed that it would be a cool book.  Then, being the wonderful man that he is, asked me if that was what I was going to write this month.  There he goes, pushing me to do things I want to do, but am too afraid to get started on.

So, now I am going to look up the website and see about getting started.  Poor you, it seems that for the first couple weeks at least you will be slogging through posts of me raving about how many words I did, or did not get written, where the story-line is going, and the impossibility of resisting my editing urges.  For your sake I will attempt to stay entertaining.

Things you may also read about as my life rolls along:

  • Getting my book of Bathroom Poetry ready to publish on Amazon
  • Reasons why I dislike our dogs
  • My half-written romance novel
  • How my cats have annoyed me this time
  • What I have been reading
  • Hypoglycemia, and how it’s kicking my butt this week
  • Ways I could make money in the future (A.K.A. Fairytale Land)
  • My world, as I see it
  • Interesting things as they happen

Thank you for reading this.  It really will help.  Really.  You see, I seem to do my best work when people are watching, waiting, and expecting me to be Awesome.  So, perhaps with a nice big audience sitting behind me, urging me to try, I will actually accomplish my dreams.

My Dreams Being:

  • Becoming a published author
  • Making actual money as an author
  • Buying a house (once we can afford it!)
  • Affording babies!
  • Doing some traveling (I want to go to Ireland, Scotland and Italy, as well as explore my U.S. of A.)
  • Being financially comfortable — and eventually
  • Financially Free

Well, this has been fun and all, but if I don’t get over to the NaNoWriMo website soon I’m going to find a way to chicken out.

Until Next Time!