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Two Nights Of Dancing? Yes, Please!

28 Sep

Tonight was a lot of fun. I went to the Senior Center dance and danced my feet off.

Poor Lonnie was stuck at home dealing with some plumbing issues. They’re not totally resolved yet, but that’s because there aren’t any 24 hour plumbing outfits around here. Suffice it to say, we have running water again, but a few things didn’t handle the no-water-then-actual-water-pressure situation very well. We’re not reaching for water wings and swim fins, but there was a leak.

(I’m just glad I married someone who can deal with this sort of stuff, because I have no clue.)

So, the dance drew a lot of new people from around the area. Unfortunately there were more women than men.  That meant that every man there was kept dancing just about the entire time. The husbands were doing a wonderful job of making sure that no single lady sat for too long, and the wives did a lovely job of making sure the other ladies knew they were comfortable with it.

We had 3 fiddle players taking turns and duets through the evening, and even a harmonica player for one song. The regular band was in fine form, and absorbed the guest musicians with wonderful grace and harmony.

The only complaint I had about the evening was that I really should start bringing some food with protein in it for the intermission meal. I am thinking that everyone got together and made Friday night their cheat day, because we have cookies, cakes and gelatin desserts coming out our ears. Everyone else really enjoys the yummy sugar, but I really need to watch it with that kind of stuff, especially when I’m doing a physical activity. Believe it or not, waltzing and the Texas two-step are a lot of exercise. Especially when you’re only getting to sit down for one dance in four.

I need the exercise, so I’m not going to complain.  🙂


Tomorrow night (by the time you’re reading this it will be tonight) I am joining in the festivities of a bachelorette party.

We’re going to meet up at a friend’s house, play a couple games, goof around, then head off to dinner. After dinner we’re going to go back to her house, change into our late night clothes, and go clubbing. What I really like about the club they’ve chosen is that they have great staff. Their security is on top of everything, they card pretty much everyone (does wonders for the ego 😉 ), and the bathrooms are uber clean.

We’re not going out really to drink, though. Mostly for dancing. I’m not going to be drinking at all. The last thing I need is to have a blood-sugar crisis when we’re all supposed to be having blast.

It should be a lot of fun.  😀


Yeah, so on another note. I wrote a sad, sappy, happy ending lyrics for a song this afternoon. I’m thinking it would work better on the Country market, but could work in the rock or techno ballad sound. One of my sisters is good at coming up with tunes. Perhaps she can give it a melody.

Writing a song was definitely not on the agenda when I sat down at my computer, but that’s what came out.

I tried to write something else afterward, but was too drained to do anything beyond simply stare blankly at an equally blank new document.

Tomorrow is already a wash for getting any writing done. I have a couple errands I’ll have to run before getting my stuff together for that night, then getting picked up mid-afternoon.


Dude! What am I going to wear???


Don’t forget, next Friday I’ll be hosting a guest blog from the lovely ReGi McClain.

(Which is just fine. It turns out I’ll be gone that weekend, so she can have the run of the place. lol  😀 )

Happy Saturday!





I Did So Much Dancing My Feet Hurt

17 Aug

We had lots of fun, though.

My two-step lessons continued. My ‘instructor’ was having fun testing my following ability tonight. He kept switching direction on me, then grinning as I laughed while keeping step with him. Too much fun.

I got to snatch Lonnie (my husband) away from the ladies long enough to get two waltzes and a swing in through the evening…oh, and a rumba. I really like to rumba.  😀

Tonight’s snacks included cottage cheese, finger veggies, Rice Crispy Treats, carrot cake cupcakes, (really good) meat loaf, a couple kinds of jello, chips & salsa and a couple other things I can’t remember.

There were plenty of left overs. We actually got sent home with 4 squares of meat loaf, some rolls, and the last of a veggie tray. Guess that’s what I get for asking the Center’s President if there was anything I could do to help clean up. I’m not complaining. Lonnie had very little to do to throw together a left-overs dinner for the room-mate when he came home; and of course my midnight snack.

We brought an acquaintance along with us tonight. He has too much trouble getting around to dance, but he sure likes sitting next to the band and tapping his cane to the beat. The pianist came and asked me if he was my father (he’s old enough to be my grandfather!).  I told her, no, he’s just a friend. She said he was such a joy to watch, having all that fun just listening to them play. We got asked by a couple of people to be sure and bring him again. 🙂  He is a lot of fun, so there’s no doubt about that.

Oof, these feet are really telling me about it.  I’m going to find you something fun to watch, then head for my bed. You wouldn’t think people over 60 would have that much energy!  😀




Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head all through my dreams.  Oh, well, it’s a fun one.



Old People Are Cool!

16 Aug

A while ago I wrote a post about how my husband and I went dancing at the local senior center. You can read it here.

Well, now I am getting to spend some time with a bunch of old people and realizing, again, just how much fun they are. Last time we went dancing I was taught the simpler parts of the two-step by a gentleman in his late eighties.

Guess what?

He wore me out!

Some of the cool things about him?

He had been a train engineer!

He was fired 3 times by new managers, then hired back almost immediately to be introduced to the newer manager who had taken the place of the guy who had fired him. All 3 times!

In his younger days he attended a dance hall that had been converted out of an old air craft hanger. There were hundreds of couples there every night. He really lit up when he remembered dancing with one of the girls he knew back then. Said they were so good they cleared the floor. Everyone just stood back and watched them go.

He had spent the last decade caring for his wife who had a stroke that long ago. He finally got up the nerve to go to the senior center dance 6 months after she passed.


Another gentleman I met recently has some equally cool stories.

He had been in the Army Core of Engineers. Not trains, building stuff! He was part of the military that landed first, set up infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc), and then kept things going while everyone around them was fighting!

He had been a bull rider in the rodeo! Says bulls were one thing, but those broncos scared the tar out of him.

He spent over a decade caring for a debilitated wife, getting one real afternoon off a month. That was when one of her daughters came half-way across the state to sit with her mother for an afternoon while he did wild and crazy things like grocery shopping and pay bills.

We’ve told him about how much the senior center dances are. He’s all kinds of excited about dancing and a live band.


Then there’s the retired doctor I met a few weeks back.

He’d been in practice when it was still normal for a country doctor to make house calls.

He and his wife got bored one day, quit their jobs, and took a motorcycle trip from Washington state all the way down to Mexico and back. Sleeping on beaches all along the way.

He’d been raised on a dairy farm, but the moment he learned about the comforts of town life, he moved and never looked back. Said if he ever again picked up a pitch fork it would be too soon.

Come to think of it, he also cared for his wife after she became ill.

(Wow! When these men promised ‘in sickness and in health’ they really meant it!)


These men have been around the world a couple times each! They spent time in foreign countries, learning cultures, languages, and different ways of getting things done. Most of them have had more than one career, and are trained in all kinds of things. They are just waiting to have someone listen long enough for them to get one of their many stories told (and boy do they have some doosies!).


Stories aren’t just in books and movies. Everyone has a tale to tell. You can hear those stories for the simple price of a senior center dance, or a couple cups of coffee.

Before long you will realize that the old saying is very true.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

*            *            *



I Went Dancing For The First Time In How Long?

22 Jun

Lonnie and I went down to the local senior center this evening. The sign says all ages welcome… So after I got a few things squared away at the house, and a couple errands run we were free to go have a little fun. Maybe.

I was wondering if they were serious about the whole everyone welcome vibe on their sign. Sometimes the sign or flier or whatever will say one things, and the feel of the ‘regulars’ says another.

After nagging for almost a week that I wanted to go, Lonnie practically had to drag me up to the front door.  We got to the door and the notice on it said that the charge per person had gone up to $5. Thankfully I had put a little extra cash in my purse on the way out the door, or we would have had to turn around there and then.

We get inside the ‘airlock’ and see a sign that reads something like: Voicing of religious and political opinions is strictly prohibited here at the senior center.


He shepherds me to take a couple more steps, and opens the door for me. *gulp*

I kinda side-step into the room, looking around at the half dozen couples foxtrotting on the dance floor. They seem nice enough. We are being looked at in almost a startled way, but no one is glaring or anything.

So far so good.

We no sooner get three steps in the door that a white haired woman approaches and welcomes us, with a fussing air of someone trying to remember how to do it. She was charming, but a little thrown by our arrival. So, it would seem, were the rest of the occupants.

Still a little nervous, I dig in my purse for my wallet and hand over the $10 while Lonnie signs the guest book. After I put down my signature, we are encouraged to take the floor and enjoy ourselves.

Folks, it has been at least 2 years since we actually danced. We tried a little two-step, something he learned in his youth that I had never tried until we met. We did a little foxtrot, managed a decent waltz, and even played with a rumba.

And you know what???

We didn’t stomp all over each other!

The steps were slow in returning to our feet, but we both held on to the idea that this was for fun, and laughed our way through the feelings of looking like we were just bumbling along. Which we were, but we had fun with it.

Through the rest of the evening several couples were introduced to us, and a few more came up and said hi all of their own volition.

I even had the pleasure of dancing with 3 of the old gentlemen. Which is exactly what they were: Gentlemen.

Lonnie ‘cut a rug’ with their wives, and it looked like they were also having a good time.

After the initial nervousness and feelings of uncertainty eased away it turned into a nice way to pass an evening.

They have a live band every week, snacks at intermission, and a really nice lounge area off which a hallway leads to the restrooms. I can personally attest that the ladies room was very clean.

We will be going back in a couple of weeks. Our schedule is a little full to attend every Friday, but we will be return whenever there is time.

*        *        *

When’s the last time you danced?

When was the last time you almost chickened out on something you really wanted to do? Did you chicken out and regret it, or did you stick through the fear give it a try? Were the results good or did they leave you in a soggy pile of despair and angst?

I wanna know!!! 🙂

(P.S. Yes, I know my tense is all over the place, but I’m just too worn out to straighten it all out. Thanks for noticing, though!)

My feet hurt! But I did have a lot of fun. :)

My feet hurt! But I did have a lot of fun. 🙂