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#MirthMusicMon – David Tennnant as Benedick

5 Jan

I love the story of Much Ado About Nothing.

Love it.

So it was with great happiness that I discovered that David Tennant and Catherine Tate had done a production of that play. I mean, really, my favorite combo of Doctor and Companion did one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. You might as well pour chocolate sauce on top and hand me a spoon. Happy!

Now all I have found so far have been clips on YouTube, but those alone kept me in stitches (mostly because I know the exact context of nearly every word in the thing).

Here for your Mirth and Music Monday amusement is a compilation video of clips from their version of this funny, deep, and sarcastic play.



Now for another version of that song:



I would really like to see a live production of this play. What makes me nervous is that I have not had a great experience with the cultural offerings of the nearest city. It was a great play that could have been handled 500x better. The casting alone hurt. But, that is not to say that if they had a comedy lined up for Shakespeare in the park (put on by another play company) that I wouldn’t move heaven and earth (or at least my hind quarters) to get there in time to get a decent spot. Yay, summer!


Now, if you would like to see more Mirth and Music Monday you can search for links on Twitter using #MirthMusicMon, or just click HERE to be taken to the linky.

That linky is where you would put your own link should you decide to play along with us on this Monday mash-up of merriment and music.


That’s it for me this week, folks!

Have a Great day!!!



(I have a confession to make. I equally love Amy and Rory as companions as well, but for some reason they seem…different. Separate almost. Like they created a whole other little universe within the wonderfulness that is Dr. Who and poured this delicious couple within that reality. It all makes me so happy, and at the same time so sad. Probably most peoples’ reaction to a lot of Dr. Who stuff.

*shrugs* Oh well.





Could My Writing Ever Be Good Enough To Inspire Songs?

15 Aug

Yeah, I know. It’s a strange topic.

But, here I am, asking the question.

(Really, I’m not trying to come across as pretentious or egotistical.)

It’s mostly because I have this song stuck in my head:



That song got me to wondering if any of my poetry, or eventual novels will end up inspiring someone out there to write a song about the idea behind it.

Could I possibly become a good enough poet that my last name alone would carry weight in literary circles (like Byron, Shakespeare and so many others).

Would it be slightly possible that my works could eventually be nodded to in sculpture and paintings, referenced in school books as someone to study?

This is a pretty hefty line of what if’s…but seriously, what if?

*            *            *

Do you want to see some other songs that were inspired by books and poetry?

Check out this article: 10 Songs Inspired by Books

*            *            *

What kinds of questions and what-if scenarios (concerning your work/art) run through your brain?

Do you play with the idea, or do you immediately slap it down as an impossibility or flight of fancy?