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Limited Internet Access = A Cleaner House

18 Apr
My world has been spinning kinda funky without lots of internet time.

My world has been spinning kinda funky without lots of internet time.

It’s not quite that simple, but when it all boils down that’s what it adds up to.

My computer has a little switch on the front that turns on it’s search for wifi. The switch will no longer turn on. Bummer. My poor old computer isn’t really fast when it comes to the internet, but it would struggle along and I could accomplish everything I needed.

However, my husband’s computer (which I am borrowing for an hour or two an afternoon) really does not like Twitter, and Tweetdeck about sends it into a seizure.

So, now that I have several hours a day to kill, I have time to read the book Sink Reflections, by Marla Cilley — The FlyLady.  My mom sent the book home with me last Wednesday after her order of FlyLady cleaning supplies came in, and I got engrossed in the book while helping her put her supplies away.

Over the last several days I have totally cleaned my kitchen sink, set up a small morning routine to keep a couple parts of my house consistently clean, and my husband is being fed breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Lonnie is going to see if he can bypass the switch and get me internet access again. Here’s hoping that it won’t sweep away my new found housekeeping habits.

Now it’s off to start chicken cooking and to figure out a couple of side dishes. Wish me luck!