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Saturday in the… Mountains

5 Oct

Let me see, by now my sister has most likely hauled my butt out for at least one hike, they’ve tried talking me into going to the hot springs (not with Band-Aids on my knees! [It’s not what you’re thinking]), and I’ve most likely laughed uncontrollably once, minimum.

Today will have a couple chapel sessions, lots of food I’m supposed to be avoiding (which I will justify by allowing my sister to take me out for another walk this evening *whistles distractedly*), some late night s’mores, card games, giggles, and not enough sleep.

These retreats are always a lot of fun, but boy are they exhausting.

Much like a busy vacation, I may need a couple days afterwards to get back up to speed with regular life afterward.

Oh, well. At least I’ll have had a lot of fun with my mom, a sister, and a couple hundred other ladies.

I will be very glad to get home to my own bed, though. Only been married three years, but already I don’t sleep well without my husband beside me.

*            *            *

Alright, today’s Saturday, and the campground has a wonderful park/wilderness balance, so you get Chicago’s Saturday in the Park.  🙂



I hope you’re having a great weekend!


Today, I Got Yelled At About My Writing (and it wasn’t a bad thing)

26 Sep

My sister just younger than me called this afternoon. She was in the process of making a double batch of double chocolate cookies (that’s just how our family does things), and wanted to talk about one of the projects we are working on. After the first half of the cookies went into the oven she read her latest short story to me. I loved it.

But before that, we had a short, but noisy discussion about my novel-in-the-making, I Killed Them, Mama. Boy, was she loud.

Title  I Killed Them Mama in yellow on purple - cropped

You see, I have this terrible habit of getting a good way into writing a novel, then dropping it for something newer and shinier. That is, in a way, what happened with me and I Killed Them, Mama. The going got tough, and the tough got distractable.

After a few weeks of trying not to think about that partial draft just sitting alone, in the dark, in a computer file, my brain started to work on it again. It started to mull over the plot I have laid out. Somehow in the process I became convinced that i needed to rearrange a couple of the larger happenings to make it move smoother. This did not endear me further to this beautiful, exciting piece of hard work. I began just playing with the what-ifs of the book, instead of actually getting down and writing any of it.

Not good.

Back to the phone conversation with my sister. After discussing a good many other things, we eventually landed on the subject of this novel I’m supposed to by working on. I told her the changes I was thinking of making.

Do you know what she said to me?

“The plot works the way you have it laid out. Stick with your original plan and get the dratted thing written!”

I love my sister.

*            *            *

On a similar note, I have discovered that Write or Die has a web version. This may be used in the near future to see if it will spur some more 2,000 word days. It’s worth a try, right?

*            *            *

Also, my cover photo for My Ignored Hamper and other Bathroom Poetry did not get taken today. In my defense, I have obtained shirts and pants from my youngest sister to use as props, and I’ve gotten a better idea of what all I will have to move around in the bathroom to make this work. Hopefully.

Dang it! I forgot to borrow some bath toys.

Oh, well. Tomorrow.

*            *            *

Besides that, I wrote a mutant story yesterday. I’ve laid the groundwork for another one, and in planning this second story I stumbled across an idea for a third. This anthology of mutant short stories and flash fiction may get put together a little faster than we had originally thought. *sigh* Maybe.


*            *            *

How often do you have trouble sticking through the middle part of a long project?

What tactics do you use to help keep you focused?

And / Or

Who do you use as a sounding board?